If you feel like the television is cutting years off your life, these 11 indoor activities are a great excuse to crawl out of your cocoon on a cold rainy day in search of a little urban adventure.

Whether it’s tennis, culinary classes, rock climbing, or a cozy fire-lit cafe, the hot spots on this list have something to motivate every weather-weary New Yorker.

indoor tennis nyc

PLAY. Swap the chilly morning run for a game of indoor tennis on Randall’s Island. [oM]

dutch kills cocktail

DRINK. Find a new favorite preprandial libation at one of these eclectic watering holes in Brooklyn and Queens. [oM]

brooklyn cafe

READ. These six low-key cafes in Brooklyn will kick cabin fever to the curb. [oM]

hot tub time machine

SEE. Bad weather means Monday Night Movies like Hot Tub Time Machine with complimentary mac & cheese and drink specials to keep you warm. [Huckleberry Bar]

LAUGH. Get your comedy fix and keep the blood circulating at one of these budget-friendly shows in Brooklyn. [oM]

Water's Edge

EAT. Feast your eyes on the Manhattan skyline at one of these 10 equally appetizing restaurants off the island. [oM]

CIA cooking class

COOK. Acquire new skills and gain confidence in the kitchen at a CIA boot camp in Hyde Park. [oM]

letterpress nyc

CRAFT. Who takes a letterpress class in this era of e-cards and Kindles? You do. [oM]

BK Historical Society

AMUSE. Discover nine outer borough museums worth traveling to this winter. [oM]

brooklyn boulders

CLIMB. Spend an afternoon swinging to and fro at this climbing clubhouse for kids and adults. [Brooklyn Boulders]

mandarin oriental boston

RELAX. Escape to an oasis of calm at one of these five eco spas near NYC. [oM]

Photos: Sit & Wonder, BK Boulders, Randall’s Island, Anna Peters, Markets of New York, The Classicist, Mandarin Oriental


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