For those traveling around Southeast Asia, you probably have Manila on your list of Philippine destinations to visit, but may also be worried about spending too much time and money looking for noteworthy places to see and photograph. Fortunately, there are many tourist spots that are easily accessible to those who are eager to explore […]


Asia is a generally a pretty car-free friendly continent, but Taiwan makes it especially easy for travelers to explore without a vehicle. A small island barely bigger than New Jersey, you can get almost anywhere from Taipei on the robust train system. The capital is a great place to base yourself as it’s easily accessible […]

South Korea 1

South Korea’s rich history and lively culture are reason enough to consider it for your next vacation. Often overlooked in favor of its larger Asian neighbors, South Korea is a hidden gem. Seoul, the largest city in Korea, has become an economic powerhouse while still maintaining a hold on its rich history. Whether you’re seeking […]

21st century China is defined by lightening fast growth and ultra-speedy urbanization. Swift development and rapid-fire economic expansion has encouraged a lifestyle that is overloaded with metropolitan headaches. Traffic, pollution and construction noise are as plentiful as teashops. Is finding inner-city serenity in China as impossible as finding lasting love on Tinder? A healthy serving […]

Thailand’s “City of Angels” packs over nine million residents into 600 square miles. Side saddling high schoolers and entire families moped through the streets, weaving past taxis, trucks and tuk-tuks. It’s a chaotic town, yet somewhere between the traffic, mega-malls and sleepless street vendors, Bangkok can offer serenity, a vibrant arts scene, and flashes of […]


In my latest article for the Huffington Post, I tackle the subject of trees. Not climbing them or hugging them, but growing them while on vacation. As I’ve learned from having stayed in at least one hotel every month for the past three years, it’s easy to put a little piece of paper next to […]