Etajima-so is one of the most dazzling new hotel openings in the Setouchi region of Japan, with a privileged location overlooking the Seto Inland Sea and a wellness prospect like none other with its spectacular hot spring that not only rejuvenates but heals as well.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Setouchi region, watch this clip to get a glimpse:

The resort is meant to connect the body to the mind, in harmony with the therapeutic hot spring as its centerpiece where moisturizing, mineral-rich waters flow with the characteristics of chloride and sulfate springs. 

Waters here warm the body at the core, enhance circulation and produce an alkaline cleansing effect making it an ideal beauty spring for smooth skin. The waters are also said to have curative properties for a variety of conditions from chronic muscle pain to hypertension, diabetes to sprains, insomnia to arthritis, and more. 

Between indoor, open-air, sleeping and semi-private baths, guests can enjoy according to their taste, mood, and physical condition in waters that heat up to 31 degrees Celsius. 

Together with the rich harmony of the natural landscape, its design contributors have created this space with the elements in mind. Famed Japanese paper artist Eriko Horiki’s influence is all around. For more about Eriko Horiki check out her Instagram.

Upon entrance, guests are greeted with an enormous work of art evoking the seascape, created in the form of eelgrass that inhabits the surroundings and contributes to the fluctuation of the water. 

This pathway leads to thoughts of the land at Locavore restaurant, a vivid space where chrysanthemums (which signify energy in their flower language) enchant with vivid colors and a beguiling view, especially at night.  The wind is celebrated at the hot springs, where artworks that adorn the bathtub spaces evoke the scene of a reflection of the moon on the surface of a gently lapping lake.

The spaces are done up in a sleek and stylish design and designed to make you feel as though you are being invited into a friend’s home who’s sharing secrets about their beloved homeland.  

There’s the Yodamari Counter at the lobby lounge which evokes the feeling of being invited into a friend’s home, and guests are offered sweets and homemade drinks with seasonal fruits upon check-in. The mini-library with its extensive books on Etajima and Hiroshima helps guests get acclimated to their surroundings. 120 colors of ink that one can choose from when acquiring a Sailor fountain pen (native to Japan) to learn how to draw letters and pictures onsite, a relaxing fireplace that moves at the pace of a heartbeat, and their special Nagi Terrace in the garden complete with footbaths, sunbeds, and sofas overlooking gorgeous vistas of the beach just ahead.

A stunning retreat for the mind, body, and soul. 

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