Best of Connecticut

Frugal Finds: A Day Getaway to Greenwich

While Greenwich’s reputation precedes itself, boasting 2010’s second-highest income in America and claiming Ron Howard, Regis Philbin and more as residents, it is not without its hidden, budget-friendly gems. Enjoy a crêpe for under $10 or ferry out to one of Greenwich’s four beaches for a sunnier setting at a low daily rate.

Cheap Getaway: South Norwalk, Connecticut

An afternoon in South Norwalk is a busy affair. Bordered by the Norwalk River and Norwalk Harbor, SoNo, as the locals fondly call it, is a dreamy destination for mariners and wayfarers alike. South Norwalk, Connecticut is old, and as you walk along the thoroughfare, make a habit of occasionally looking up to enjoy facades dating back to the late 19th century. Last weekend, oM discovered you can see the sharks and the sights in SoNo with a roundtrip budget of $40.

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