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Quebec Carnival

When winter rolls around, the gut reaction of many is to stock up, stay in, and muddle through. But the good folks of Quebec City (the world’s “snow capital”) not only face winter head-on but make it the event of the year. The city began turning winter into revelry in 1894, and held winter winter […]

Reveling in Atlantic City

A light ocean breeze cuts through the sun’s glow, but I am sweating. It streams across my forehead, and from a hands-and-knees position I watch it plop and pool on my workout mat while I try to keep my achy arms from collapsing and my contorted leg from shaking. Not my most dignified moment, and […]

Rocking Horse Ranch

You’re determined, before they’re all grown up and on their own, that this summer you’re going to spend a lot of quality time with your kids. If you’re overwhelmed with all the options or don’t know where to start (and perhaps don’t want to drive), we’ve honed in on 20 activities and getaways in and […]

Paintballing on Coney Island

To some, paintball appears to be a barbaric activity, when in reality it is an adrenaline-fueled game of tag or capture the flag for all ages. There is a wide range of places to play paintball near New York City. From the traditional outdoor fields, to the air conditioned indoor arena, to the amusement park […]

Six Flags Amusement Park in Massachusetts

George Harrison’s My Sweet Lord is wafting through a speaker that is camouflaged as the shape of an unsuspicious rock. The peaceful melody is in stark contrast to the hulking metal monster looming just ahead. Six Flags New England Theme Park in Springfield, Massachusetts has just the thrills that will have you screaming, ‘Oh God’ […]