Guinness Mural Mykl Roventine

Searching for an authentic St. Patrick’s Day experience that doesn’t require a flight into County Cork? It’s as easy as taking a train to the Woodlawn section of the Bronx and crossing the East 238th Street Bridge into Yonkers. The social hub for one of the last Irish enclaves in the New York metropolitan area, […]

Gifted with two unscheduled hours on a bright Sunday afternoon—not enough to get out of town, but plenty of time for an escape—I grabbed my trusty MetroCard and ventured Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass. My tenacity was rewarded with a glimpse of Tom Fruin’s Watertower II in Brooklyn Bridge Park, which was making an […]

Equal turns artistic and gritty, Hunters Point—the nabe most often thought of when one speaks of Long Island City—is perhaps not the most obvious choice for a day trip. LIC’s treasures are often tucked away (like the speakeasy-esque Dutch Kills Bar or The Oracle Club, a member’s-only literary and artistic salon) just out of sight. […]

Navy Yard Museum

Positioned between the neighborhoods of Vinegar Hill, Ft. Greene and Williamsburg, the Brooklyn Navy Yard has long stood as a historic landmark on the East River. It has not been easily accessible to the public until this past Veteran’s Day weekend, when BLDG 92, the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s exhibition and visitors center, finally opened.

Noguchi Museum

Springtime has been more than a bit of a tease. A lukewarm day here, a shock of tiny purple crocus there, but still we awake to the clang of the radiator on a cold morning, the sound of cars on a wet street, sunrise hidden behind an overcast sky. Exhausted with waiting for spring, I […]

Williamsburg Flea hunting

If opening day at Brooklyn Flea’s new Williamsburg location was any indication, it’s going to be a fantastic season for hitting the markets in Willamsburg. Ten to fifteen thousand treasure seekers attended the Williamsburg Flea this past Sunday (no word on whether or not that total includes the many canines in attendance), but with the […]

Harvest on Hudson

For an afternoon getaway with an artistic and historic pedigree, look no further than Hastings-on-Hudson. Just north of Manhattan in Westchester County, the charm of its streets and the remnants of this village’s industrial past are immediately apparent. To really appreciate Hastings, however, one must slow down, chat up the locals, have a little sustainable […]

Untermyer Estate

Once part of the long dismantled Greystone estate, Untermyer Park in Yonkers is yearning for winter visitors. Some claim the grounds have been haunted from the beginning. Upon purchasing Greystone at auction from presidential hopeful Samuel Tilden in 1899, successful lawyer and botanist Samuel Untermyer constructed the gardens for his wife who died before completion. […]

Hoboken Springtime

Hoboken. The word conjures a variety of images. The birthplace of baseball and Sinatra. Cobbled alleys that served as the backdrop for Elia Kazan’s iconic film On the Waterfront. This charming town—covering just a little over a square mile in terms of inhabitable land—boasts tree-lined streets, family-friendly parks and dozens upon dozens of row houses […]