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WaterFire in Waterplace Park (Photo courtesy of Providence Tourism Council)

A Closer Look at Providence’s Cultural and Culinary Attractions

When we consider what we know of Providence, many think of Ivy League and design schools, WaterFire, and a quaint New England city a...
Kayaking in Providence

Enjoy the Outdoors in Providence This Summer

It’s the time of the year when high temperatures and full sunshine lure vacationers to explore city streets and relax at the beach. Multitalented...
Providence Arts Festival

$500 for An Artsy Escape: Peekskill or Providence?

Escaping NYC for a weekend isn’t always easy but here at oM our motto has always been “if you can’t make the weekends longer,...
Vertical Dance Troupe

Providence Art Festival Takes the Creative Capital to New Heights

Providence, Rhode Island enjoys an imaginative art scene that has earned it the nickname the Creative Capital. See for yourself what the artistic buzz...

Six Places to Eat and Drink in Providence This Summer

Despite its modest size, Providence’s culinary stage is displaying big city talent. You won’t find many chain restaurants here; Chef-owned eateries are the rule....
Providence Arts Festival

5 New Reasons to Visit Providence, RI

There’s always something brewing in Providence. Its riches include the provocative collection at the RISD Museum of Art and a culinary scene that rivals any...
downtown providence

Treasure Island: 12 Gems of Providence, RI

I didn’t expect Providence to be more than a quaint New England city with white steeples, pristine streets, and clean cut couples sipping on...
The Dorrance

Creative Eats, Beats, and Arts: Providence, RI Attractions

Once dubbed the “Beehive of Industry” and “The Renaissance City,” Providence now calls itself the “Creative Capital,” and with good reason. There’s a lot...

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