Alberta is blessed with many scenic settings for incredible outdoor weddings, and in fact there are so many places to consider, it can be hard to choose. You probably read our post about the must-see sights in Alberta, but in this article, we focus on the most beautiful places in Alberta for an outdoor wedding. 

To give you an easier time, here are just a selection of spaces that could accommodate your special day, and will definitely take your breath away.

Embrace Nature’s Serenity: Moraine Lake’s Turquoise Waters

If you’re seeking an idyllic setting for your outdoor wedding ceremony, look no further than the breathtaking beauty of Moraine Lake in Alberta, Canada. Surrounded by dramatic peaks and lush forests, this scenic venue provides a truly unforgettable backdrop sure to astonish everyone present.

Moraine Lake is famous for its vibrant turquoise waters, with their striking hue resulting from light refracting off fine glacial rock particles called “rock flour” that settle into the water each year. These crystal-clear waters can accentuate women’s engagement rings, as they sparkle under the sun while couples exchange vows by lakeside shores.

Check out this video by Parfait Productions of an intimate wedding at Moraine Lake:


As friends and family gather to witness your loving union amid Alpine splendor, memories created here will surely last a lifetime. Consider hosting your dream nuptials surrounded by nature’s serenity and awe-inspiring landscapes offered exclusively within stunning Moraine Lake. It’s an unbeatable choice when it comes to celebrating love in picturesque Alberta.

Majestic Vistas at Banff National Park: A Panoramic Backdrop

Imagine exchanging your vows against the backdrop of sweeping mountain vistas, pristine alpine lakes, and verdant evergreen forests; such breathtaking scenes are what await at Banff National Park in Alberta.

As Canada’s oldest national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, this wonder boasts some of the most stunning landscapes imaginable for your unforgettable outdoor wedding.

Watch this video by Olson Film to see a beautiful wedding at Banff National Park:


With countless picturesque locations within the park to choose from, like Lake Louise, with its vivid turquoise hue, or Bow Valley Parkway surrounded by towering peaks, couples can find their perfect spot that encapsulates their love story. So even if you’re only planning a trip to Canada, rather than a full-blown wedding, it’s worth exploring.

Fairytale Nuptials Amid the Castle-like Beauvais Lake Provincial Park

For those couples seeking an enchanting and secluded outdoor wedding venue, Alberta’s Beauvais Lake Provincial Park offers a dreamy, castle-like setting amidst lush forests, dramatic cliffs, and shimmering waters that will leave your guests speechless with wonder.

Nestled within serene aspen groves overlooking the tranquil lake itself, Beauvais Lake provides a fairytale atmosphere perfect for intimate ceremonies or larger celebrations. The park’s picturesque landscapes give you plenty of opportunities for stunning photo sessions, immortalizing moments shared with friends and family on this blissful day.

Watch this video to get a glimpse of the place:


Additionally, the surrounding area boasts easily accessible recreation options like fishing boat rentals or scenic hiking trails that guests can explore before or after your event, further enriching their experience by visiting this magical corner of Alberta.

Enchanting Charm of Waterton Lakes National Park for Unforgettable Moments

Where the Rocky Mountains meet prairie grasslands, this is another UNESCO World Heritage Site that boasts an extraordinary blend of diverse landscapes that will undoubtedly create unforgettable memories for you and your guests.

Choose from a range of scenic locations within the park. Consider exchanging vows at Cameron Falls with its mesmerizing waterfall as a backdrop, or embrace lakeside love by one of several serene bodies of water such as Upper, Middle, or Lower Waterton Lake.

Watch this video by Ryan Mennie to get a glimpse of a wedding that took place at this National Park:


Not only is this region known for its remarkable scenery but also the abundant wildlife. Deer, bears, and foxes famously wander through picturesque meadows nearby. Immerse yourself in nature’s enchantment while pledging your everlasting love.

The Breathtaking Beauty of Jasper Skytram Weddings in the Clouds

For an outdoor wedding that truly feels like it’s floating amid celestial panoramas, consider taking your special day to new heights at Alberta’s renowned Jasper Skytram. As the highest and longest aerial tramway in Canada, this unforgettable venue offers unique celebrations with an unparalleled backdrop, surrounded by lofty mountain peaks and lush valleys as far as the eye can see.

Your journey begins with a scenic ride up Whistler’s Mountain on the famous skytram itself, ascending over 7000 feet above sea level to reach The Summit Cafe, where you’ll exchange vows amidst sweeping vistas captivating all who attend.

Watch this video to get a glimpse of the famous skytram:


Not only will your guests be wowed by witnessing your love blossom in a setting so sublime, but they’ll also relish dining in awe-inspiring environs, feasting upon delicious cuisine served up by experienced staff.

This is also a national park where climbing hotspots can be found, so you could bundle this wedding together with a weekend of fun-filled outdoor pursuits as well.

Celebrate Love Under the Open Skies at Drumheller Hoodoos Preserve

For couples seeking a truly unique and otherworldly atmosphere for their outdoor wedding, look no further than Alberta’s iconic Drumheller Hoodoos Preserve. Home to one of Canada’s most distinctive natural phenomena, these fascinating geological formations create an enchanting backdrop that captures everyone’s imagination.

Watch this video to get a glimpse of Drumheller Hoodoos Preserve:


Revel in this extraordinary landscape as you unite with your partner amid striking sandstone pillars and rugged canyons, evoking feelings akin to walking on an alien planet or stepping into a scene from a movie set.

Say “I do” against the spellbinding tableau crafted by millions of years’ worth of wind and water erosion, ensuring memorable moments will be etched into minds forevermore. Then watch spectacular sunsets paint skies above these breathtaking hoodoos, culminating in fairytale nuptials amidst magic unfolding under open heavens.

Final Thoughts

Alberta offers a diverse and captivating array of scenic outdoor wedding venues, each encapsulating the natural beauty and spirit of this beautiful Canadian province.

Whether your dream setting lies among lush forests, serene lakes, or amidst the grandeur of towering mountains, these uniquely picturesque locations capture unforgettable moments bound to be treasured for a lifetime.

Most importantly, make sure you get the right permissions and licenses if necessary so that you can enjoy your outdoor wedding in Alberta without falling foul of local laws. Many of these sites are protected to preserve their beauty, so be mindful of this and you’ll be fine.