After these last few years of the pandemic, where so many weddings have been postponed (and some even canceled forever), love is in the air again. We are getting more and more submissions of beautiful wedding stories, and the best of all – pre-wedding photos! So, we decided to create this shortlist of our favorite spots for Pre-Wedding  Photoshoot in North America.

Pre-wedding pictures count for some of the best memories of our special day, and picking the right location for the photoshoot is crucial. You need the setting to be exactly right, with a lovely romantic background, good vibes, and perfect lighting. There are plenty of amazing destinations for Pre-wedding photoshoots in North America, so we narrowed our ‘Top-favorites-list” to only five, starting in the land of Maple Leaf, Canada. 

1. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Toronto, Ontario

For that unique big-city vibe that combines beautiful green and romantic backgrounds, there aren’t a lot of cities that beat Toronto and its Canadian charm. 

Here are a just few of our favorite spots: Humber Bay Park, where you’ll find a gorgeous bridge for pictures with water and some of Toronto’s skyline in the background. The best time for lighting is early mornings. 

Check out this clip to get a glimpse of Humber Bay Park:


Want a beautiful castle as your background? Go to Casa Loma in Downtown Toronto, where you’ll find this historical venue that offers lots of lovely pre-wedding photoshoot sceneries (gardens, fountains, and more!).

If you’re more into pure nature backgrounds, you should check Scarborough Bluffs. Peaking above the shoreline of Lake Ontario, this is a beautiful part of Toronto’s waterfront. You’ll want to get that dazzling shot at sunset as you stand over the Scarborough Bluffs with the water behind you. It doesn’t get more romantic than that…

If you don’t already have a photographer in Toronto, we recommend Focus Photography, a Canadian agency that produces awesome photoshoots. 

2. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in the Outer Banks, North Carolina

The Outer Banks are barrier islands made up of sand that run for around 175 miles, mostly within North Carolina. This magical destination with its wild horses can create some iconic and unforgettable pre-wedding photos. 

There are many different beaches on the Outer Banks, and each has its own look and vibe, so you’ll need to choose the right one for you. If you want some wild horses in your photos – these can be found primarily at Corolla and Carova Beach in the northern part of the Outer Banks. These wild horses can also be found at Currituck Beach. 

However, if you’re searching for a really deserted island to do your pre-wedding photoshoot – check Ocracoke Island. It’s not easy reaching this enchanting place. You’ll need to drive a long way up to the northern part of the Outer Banks and then take a ferry. But – it’s worth it. Ocracoke Island has a 16-mile stretch of deserted beaches (except for a few national park campsites). It’s part of the Cape Lookout National Seashore

3. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot in Sedona, Arizona 

The natural red rock backdrops of Sedona in Arizona are absolutely fascinating. Can you really ask for a more memorable photoshoot for your special day?

Where exactly should you go? Bell Rock is a very popular Sedona photoshoot location, also beloved for hiking and meditation. There are a few trails with easy access that offers super scenic views of Bell Rock.

However, the No. 1 most photographed spot in Sedona is without a doubt, Cathedral Rock and its reflection pools. As soon as you reach the place, you instantly feel this unique sense of heavenly awe. The huge red rock pillars really provide a background that looks out of this world, exactly right for the most important time of your life.

Pre-Wedding Photoshoot spots
Cathedral Rock. Photo by Kaileen Fitzpatrick on

4. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at Acadia National Park, Maine

This wonderful destination is a perfect photoshoot spot all year long. Looking for a water background? You have the Jordan Pond. Searching for mountain views (no hiking required)? You have the Bubble Rock trail with its magnificent views, perfect for those photoshoots right before sunset or right after sunrise.

What’s our favorite spot in Acadia? Well, since we’re romantic buffs, it’s definitely Bass Harbor Head Light, on Mount Desert Island. What can be more romantic for a pre-wedding photoshoot, than a perfect lighthouse? By the way, the lighthouse has almost 200,000 visitors every year, making it the 5th most popular place in Acadia National Park.

Another beautiful and beloved spot in Acadia National Park is Cadilac Mountain. It’s the highest point on the east coast of the US (it’s 1,530 feet tall!). You can get to the summit by car, so no worry about sweating after a hike. As you reach the summit, the amazing views of the coast and island scenery provide breathtaking photo ops.   

5. Pre-Wedding Photoshoot at Central Park, New York 

Yes, you probably know, Central Park is among the most filmed locations on the planet. With iconic movies that had scenes in the Park, like Harry Met Sally, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Enchanted, and many more – it’s no wonder couples want to have a romantic photoshoot here.

Central Park is another location that is picture-perfect 365 days a year. Feel like lovely fall foliage combined with the NYC skyline? You got it. Prefer a snowy winter paradise in your background? You got it. 

What’s our favorite location within Central Park? That would definitely be Gapstow Bridge, which you’ll surely recognize from endless movies. It’s a marvelous spot to take some pre-wedding photos. You’ll be able to combine it with the New York skyline – making it an incredible day to remember.

Check out this clip to see some of the most iconic film scenes shot at Gapstow Bridge:


If you plan on staying in NYC for your honeymoon, check out this article for some tips.