Ocracoke beach by Ole Bendik Kvisberg/Flickr

Summer is here and you’re sure it’s time to get out of the city and onto a beach.  Yet, there’s not one “best beach” near NYC but rather an entire list of beaches we love. To figure it out, we used brand new booking platform TravelWits to search by budget, transit time and most importantly for […]

Atlantic City may seem like an ironic destination to rid you of your post-election blues—given that it’s certainly haunted by the spirit of the president-elect. But it’s time to face your demons and aggressively party like there’s no 2017. Just a couple hours from New York City and you’ll have all the ingredients for a […]

The Borgata

With the recent shuttering of Revel, Trump Plaza, the Showboat and the Atlantic Club, not to mention the expected closure of Trump Taj Mahal in November, things aren’t looking so good for America’s Playground.

Reveling in Atlantic City

A light ocean breeze cuts through the sun’s glow, but I am sweating. It streams across my forehead, and from a hands-and-knees position I watch it plop and pool on my workout mat while I try to keep my achy arms from collapsing and my contorted leg from shaking. Not my most dignified moment, and […]

Azure by Allegretti

Atlantic City has evolved to become much more than a place to go for a wild weekend at the beach. It may even be entering its second golden age as it continues to draw foodie travelers—and innovative star chefs like Bobby Flay, Michel Richard, Wolfgang Puck, and Marc Forgione—as a desirable culinary destination. Here are […]

empire slots

The call of the beach, boardwalks, nightlife, and casinos of nearby Atlantic City have attracted travelers for years, but the current costs have many people thinking twice about that weekend getaway. If you have a need to scratch the gambling itch every now and then, but don’t want to shell out the $499 a night […]