Kings County Bar

Kings County Bar in East Williamsburg (Bushwick) is too easygoing a place for a hipster makeover. The bar, under new ownership for the past few years, is in one of those “changing neighborhoods” that someone from The New York Times will write about one day after it has completely redefined itself. Inside, the decor is […]

Know it Express Bus

So often have I been on a bus, traveling to another city, and dared to dream the tiniest of dreams that the driver might play “The Gift” by Velvet Underground on loud speakers as I talked to a person with a neck tattoo about our tweets. Such is the buzz behind a new Brooklyn to […]

What: The 1st Annual Bergen Lot Party Where: The empty lot at 450 & 448 Bergen Street, between 5th Ave and Flatbush Ave. When: Friday, September 10th from 6-11pm; Saturday, September 11th from 10-8pm Why: We’ve already taken you on “A Walk Down Brooklyn’s Bergen Street”, and now you’re invited to the Bergen Lot Party. […]


Great things await travel in our future: jetpacks, floating walkways, miles long pneumatic tubes—all prophesied by the futurists at Hanna-Barbera—but what about the near future? In what ways can intercity travel become more convenient and efficient for us today? It’s a question we’ve asked and answered. It’s the bus. More to the point, it’s Megabus. […]


The most affordable option isn’t always the healthiest one, and the healthy option is usually the least affordable. That’s true with most things, from your health to the health of the planet. Solar panels on your roof are expensive, but a double down sandwich from KFC, not so much. So it’s nice when two masters […]

What: Luscious Food community party Where: 59 Fifth Avenue, Park Slope, Brooklyn When: Saturday, Oct. 17th, 6-9 p.m. Why: Gourmet eatery Luscious Food in Park Slope is throwing a house party and we’re all invited. The three-year-old neighborhood shop co-owned by three professional chefs will host a meet and greet that promises to introduce good […]

What: Meet Who You Tweet music event When: Saturday, Sept 12, show starts at 10:00p.m. Where: Hello Brooklyn, Red Hook Why: If you wore Girbaud jeans in the 1990’s then you’re probably a fan of rapper Grand Puba, and if you know Grand Puba, then you’re probably a fan of his work as part of […]

private stock

This is the fifth of five interviews with small business owners at their boutique shops on Bergen Street, Brooklyn. Shop: Private Stock Wares: Affordable modern clothes, footwear, and merchandise. Location: 458 Bergen Street Woody Pierre, what was the motivation behind Private Stock? There was a big demand for contemporary men’s clothing in the area, and […]

bump storefront

This is the fourth of five interviews with small business owners at their boutique shops on Bergen Street, Brooklyn. Shop: Bump Wares: Contemporary designer maternity clothes for the pregnant urban shopper Location: 464 Bergen Street SaSaDi Odunsi and Hannah Macdonald, how long has Bump been in business? Two years this June. What were you doing […]