It is an overcast Sunday afternoon and Mike and I are heading out to Cypress Hills, Brooklyn to photograph some graffiti. When we get there, not many pedestrians have ventured out into the street. But the imprint of their weekday activity can be seen from the gated storefronts—linoleum and tile businesses, hardware shops, beverage and […]

It’s likely there will always be women who worry about the cost of their human labor, while others, the comfort of their evening gowns. This dichotomy can be explored in Jean Kwok’s new “Girl in Translation” novel and in the “American in High Style” exhibit on display at the Brooklyn Museum until August 1. For […]

A growing number of musicians have transformed the dark bowels of the city transit system into an enjoyable space where music can hush the stress of your commute. Every day, classical violinists, Cajun cellists, jazz ensembles, Latin guitarists and other musicians can be heard in the ceramic tile tunnels and mezzanines of 25 subway stops. […]

NYC Graffiti

While some of New York’s best graffiti spots may be hidden or inaccessible, aficionados can still find a variety of artwork, including throw-ups, murals, stencils and wheatpastes, just a short subway ride from Union Square. East Williamsburg and the outskirts of Bushwick have long attracted graffiti artists who compete to display their work on the […]

New York Typewriter

Books like travel are about inward and outward journeys, and they can inspire you to visit new places. They can also help you rediscover familiar destinations. So instead of dreaming about the summer in South America or Australia, let these books about New York rekindle your passion for the city.


Imagine a movie theater that can transport people to the golden age of Hollywood, when powerful film studios built extravagant palaces to showcase their upcoming releases. A movie theater where classic films like “Gone with the Wind” were accompanied by a live orchestra, and the stage alternated as a venue for legendary performers like Duke […]

The Moth

For many of us, there are few things more exciting than listening to a good story. Families, friends and strangers have long played on the emotions and reactions of each other to deliver a timely story. And now The Moth, a nonprofit storytelling organization, has brought some of those spellbinding stories to a popular venue […]

Brooklyn Poetry Slam Venue

The distinct cadence, tone, and mood of a spoken word performance transmits a certain sense of vitality and energy that the printed page cannot. And with the resurgence of Poetry Slams nationwide, many bars, cafes, and lounges in Brooklyn have emerged as the focal point of a vibrant literary scene, where patrons are reminded by […]

Spanish grocery store

Natives would say that the best way to appreciate Spain’s cultural heritage is through its food. Whether you want to spice up your palate with saffron and paprika-infused stews or you’re seeking an assortment of premium products for your next dinner party, Despaña Brand Foods in Jackson Heights, Queens, is a culinary hot spot and […]