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Newport, RI

Newport, Rhode Island is justifiably proud of its storied inheritance. The original colony was founded on principles of religious tolerance, so an embracing ethic and open-minded spirit are defining characteristics. In the 19th century, wealthy industrial families with names like Vanderbilt…


3,478 miles of harbors, inlets and bays define Maine’s exceptional coastline. To fully appreciate the majesty of this rugged scenery, you deserve to see it from the water.

Storm King

Summer is ripe for roaming sculpture-dappled fields, watching the warm sun reflect off a glass house, and picnicking under a massive three-legged Buddha.

Dobbs Ferry

A mere 40-minute commute from Grand Central on Metro North, this quaint town—named for Jeremiah Dobbs, a Swedish fisherman who started the Hudson’s first river ferry in 1698—makes for a sweet, low-key day trip from NYC. Once home to…


A broad online search for a spring weekend getaway offering easily accessible peace and quiet opened up a world of unexpected accommodations recently. After fathoming the flurry of options—through Hotel Tonight,, and the MTA’s getaway packages—I chose to embark…

Hidden Pond Bonfire

Sometimes just getting out of the city isn’t enough—you have to leave it completely behind, and find a place that makes you forget where you came from. This is the ultimate goal of Hidden Pond Resort, in Kennebunkport, Maine….

Yoga on the beach

Seeking a unique Om adventure this summer, we asked yoga masters for celebs like Jane Fonda, Brooke Burke and Deepak Chopra to share their favorite yoga getaways near NYC.

Amagansett cycling

Napeague Bay and the Atlantic Ocean are both an easy 10 to 15 minute bike ride from the LIRR station in Amagansett. The beaches are less crowded than neighboring Montauk or East Hampton, and mom and pop shops still…

Navy Beach

Whether you’re an avid surfer, professional sand castle builder, or just a big fan of the sun, come summer, we’re all dreaming about escaping to the beach. And for those of us who hail from an urban jungle, slipping…