For students who wish to study and travel in a country other than their own, Canada is one of the best choices. Canadian universities have long been among the top ones in the world and deliver top-quality education to students from around the world. On top of that, the country is beautiful to travel through with endless places to visit. Canada is also one of the most accepting and inclusive countries when it comes to foreign students. So, it’s no surprise that studying abroad in Canada, and traveling there at the same time – is a wish for many.

The quality of education isn’t the only reason students wish to study in Canada, though. The country is full of beautiful sights to see and has some breathtaking natural zones. But college and university students know that there are so many assignments and papers to write for their classes that they can’t always have time to travel around. In some cases, students these days can get useful online help with their homework from a local Canadian service like Edubirdie. This can provide them with more time for their travels. Using such a service to get some help with an assignment or two is a very good idea for international students who want to make the most of their overseas journey in Canada. 

If you’re a student searching for the best places to travel to and visit in Canada, here’s a shortlist to help you get started with your adventure.

The Tops 3 Cities In Canada You Can’t-Miss:

1.    Toronto

By far, probably the most famous Canadian city is Toronto. Not only is it one of the top cosmopolitan cities in the world, but it is also full of international students of all ethnic backgrounds. It is this multicultural aspect of Toronto that makes it such a popular place in Canada among students. Toronto is also full of international universities so you’ll meet a lot of other students here and make friends. 

2.    Montreal

Another popular city you must visit in Canada is Montreal. It has some of the world’s best universities and should be visited for its blend of many cultures. Within Montreal, you can visit the Notre-Dame Basilica and Mont-Royal to get a glimpse of history as well. You can even make a great bike trip in Montreal.

3.    Old Quebec

Old Quebec, part of Quebec City, is a very popular place in Canada for all tourists who love history and architecture. This UNESCO World Heritage Site has some of the most beautiful historic buildings you’ll see in the country. Other than historic architecture, you’ll also be able to see art exhibitions, visit some unique shops, stroll around amazing museums, and eat at some of the finest restaurants. 

places to visit when studying in canada
Old Quebec

The Top 3 Nature Destinations In Canada You Can’t-Miss:

Aside from beautiful cities, Canada has incredible nature all across its vast territory. Here are 3 of our top destinations:

4.    Niagara Falls

If you’re looking for breathtaking natural sights, then a visit to Niagara Falls is an absolute given. Millions of people from around the world visit this astonishing sight of water falling almost 57 meters. When you’re done with your papers, definitely take a few days off to stay nearby the Falls and experience nature like nowhere else. 

5.    Banff National Park

For nature-lovers, a visit to the Banff National Park is also a must. The Park is filled with turquoise lakes, high peaks, and glaciers that you can easily hike to. Some of the country’s most beautiful scenery is found here. When you visit the Park, be sure to check out Lake Louise which is arguably the best attraction here. You’d also want to capture the reflection of peaks and trees in the green water of the lake, so take your camera (or smartphone) along too! 

inner harbor of victoria
Inner harbor of Victoria

6.    The Inner Harbor of Victoria

For a combination of nature, architecture, and street life, visit the Inner Harbor in the city of Victoria. It is a beautifully developed waterfront where you’ll find street performers, food, shopping opportunities, and much more. Right in front of the Harbor, you’ll also see the majestic Empress Hotel that has welcomed many kings and queens in its glorious past. 


While studying abroad in Canada has a lot to do with the quality of education and life, you must not miss out on visiting some of the beautiful sights the country has to offer. Famous cities like Toronto, Vancouver, and Montreal have a lot to offer. From intercultural exchange to museums, while a natural sight like Niagara Falls might be the most amazing experience you’ll have in Canada. Whatever you like though, there is plenty to see here, so be sure to take some time off your studies to travel and explore!