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Prince Edward Island

There are many island getaways in the travel landscape, but none quite as unique as that of Prince Edward Island. Made famous in the Lucy Maud Montgomery novel, Anne Of Green Gables, PEI boasts a pristine natural expanse of red clay soil and lush green fields that mingle like a patchwork quilt throughout the island. […]

Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia, or “New Scotland,” bears a striking resemblance to its namesake, both in its landscape—defined by lush highland hills, rugged cliffs and crashing seas—and in its culture, which still clings to Scottish roots, nearly 400 years after Scottish nobleman Sir William Alexander was granted his plot of land. Though Gaelic culture may sometimes feel […]

Frothy white waves butting up against rugged seaside cliffs, soft sandy beaches, lush forests and valleys, and then more ocean. . . You may want to spend all waking hours in Nova Scotia out of doors. And it’s highly probable you will.

Prince Edward Island

One looking for a new Getaway—that freeing space in time where responsibility does not exist—might do well to travel ashore to a province in Atlantic Canada called Prince Edward Island. You ask for it—beaches, golf, cuisine, culture, adventure—you got it.

Bay of Fundy

Once a favorite of America’s elite, from FDR to Hollywood starlets, New Brunswick faded from glamorous getaway of the early 20th century to the territory between Québec and Nova Scotia. This obscurity makes its unspoiled wilderness and sleepy fishing villages all the more enticing. From lively fiddle music to delicious seafood, from art galleries to […]


In the far reaches of Canada, on the easternmost point in all of North America, some of the nicest people in the world live in candy-colored clapboard houses. The province of Newfoundland and Labrador is, to say the least, unique. The island of Newfoundland and southeastern Labrador on the mainland of Canada are on Newfoundland […]