The Shearwater Manhattan By Sail

  Staying in the city? Sail on a schooner down the Hudson River and wave hello to the Statue of Liberty. [ManhattanBySail] Kick off the weekend with old timey tunes by Red Rust – featuring Jason Ardell. Felix, & Red Hook Slim  at the Jalopy Theater in Brooklyn. [Jalopy] These are the best places to party […]

Five minutes in a bustling café in downtown Boston is enough to make any writer put down their pen in frustration, but for those who know where to look the city can become a soothing sanctuary. Here are four spots to help any business traveler or general seeker of peace on their quest for concentration.

tugboat graveyard

The world has seen enough photos of Times Square and the Empire State Building, but what about some of the lesser-known corners of the New York City metropolitan area? Grab your camera and a spirit of adventure and set out for one of these 10 destinations—from the outer boroughs to New Jersey—that all promise to […]

For the times you need something beyond a quick stroll through a New York City park, going hiking does not have to be intimidating. There are thousands of miles of beautiful, well-carved trails accessible via public transportation from the city, and much of it is reachable in less than two hours. From beginner to expert […]

Empire Fulton Ferry State Park visitors wheel their bicycles toward the East River.

Madison, Wisconsin may be one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the United States, but its miles of trails and urban bike lanes were not enough to prepare me for the fast-paced cycling of New York City. Much like the move to the city itself, it takes a certain steeling of the nerves to weave […]

Eating like a local in southern Brooklyn becomes quite easy when your guide is, in fact, a local. “People ask, ‘How do you not eat yourself to death in this neighborhood?’” chuckled Urban Oyster co-owner and guide David Naczycz, a resident of Carroll Gardens. A tour group of nine listened, sipping iced coffee in the […]

The list of free and cheap activities in New York City is so vast that one of the founders of The Skint, a site dedicated to that very area, was momentarily stumped to pick favorites. “[There are] so many things,” he said. So oM and The Skint started with BK. This weekend, swap a potentially […]