Can’t figure out what to get the techie who has every gadget? The fashionista on top of all the trends? What about a newborn, biking buddy, co-worker…the in-laws? Here are 13 unique gift ideas for those special, tricky-to-buy-for people (and pooches!) in your lives. You’ll feel good about wrapping items that are affordable and eco-friendly, […]

Amtrak Northeast Corridor

When you’re moving upwards of 70 miles per hour, there is a great satisfaction in being able to take your eyes off the road to look out the window and marvel at that gorgeous countryside for the length of your journey. No road rage. No heavy carbon footprint. No wheel-clutching, head-twitching concentration. But public transportation’s […]

Here are 14 ways to spend a day in NYC and beyond. These self-guided tours offer something for everyone, be it exploring historic hot spots in Hastings-on-Hudson, a dessert crawl and graffiti tours of Brooklyn, bike rides through Montauk and Jersey City, or a hunt for a taste of Greece in Astoria. A Dessert Crawl […]

After a long, hard-working 2010 and a brutally cold month of January, we’re announcing a special contest giveaway for this first of February 2011. Our favorite home exchange site is giving away two (or really, 40,000) things and you could be the very lucky someone to win them. The big ticket item (promising memories to […]

Don’t let the cold keep you on the couch this weekend. Your bike may be covered in snow but your feet still work, so take a quick subway ride to one of these eight bar happenings—like a samba dance party, rock concert, ping pong charity event, and craft market—that all promise delicious drinks and a […]

When she accepted this bold, eco-friendly clutch as a present at the NATO Summit in Lisbon, Hillary Clinton made it official: You can tell a lot about a woman by the type of bag she carries. Pelcor, the Portugal-based company pioneering products made of premium cork fabric (from the Quercus suber, a cork oak tree) […]

Martin Luther King Jr. Weekend Deals Enjoy free entrance to over 100 National Parks throughout Martin Luther King Jr. weekend. [] The Boston Museum of Fine Art is offering free admission on Monday. [MFA] If you’re planning a trip to Boston, take advantage of $79 room rates at the Chandler Inn in Back Bay. [Chandler] […]

Surfing Long Beach

We are gathered here today to reflect on 2010, a year spent being preoccupied with our tech gizmos rather than our environment and the people around us. In 2011, let us make an oath to getting to know each other again without the electronics, to doing something wildly old-fashioned like handwriting letters, and to exploring […]