With New Rules Looming, What Will NYCs Airbnb Landscape Look Like In 2023?

What Will NYCs Airbnb Landscape Look Like
Photo by Aleks Marinkovic on Unsplash.com
Airbnb is an exciting platform that has enabled homeowners and small business owners to make a little money out of their properties. However, with the service exploited by some large hotel owners and unscrupulous fraudsters, new rules are set to come in for the NYC Airbnb service which will, according to Yahoo, put some fairly strict requirements on would-be hosts.
A requirement to only rent out additional space, the need to submit apartment diagrams, and fines that reach up to $5,000 per offense are some of the measures mooted. With the rules set to come into force in January ‘23, there may be some changes afoot for NYC Airbnbs.
NYCs Airbnb Landscape
There may be some changes afoot for NYC Airbnbs. Photo by Diane Picchiottino on Unsplash.com

Full and clear data

As explored by the New York Post, one of the most clearly set out rules set to come into force concerns data sharing. Hosts and renters will now need to provide the full legal name of themselves and full-time occupants of the building, as well as their relationship with the host.
They also have to certify that they meet all zoning requirements, building code regulations, and so on. This will create a new hurdle to clear, but perhaps an important one.
Airbnbs can operate in something of a wild west, but, in reality, they need to be operated with the same discipline and decorum as hotels; ensuring the use of maid services to retain cleanliness in the property, having professional upkeep of appliances, taking on full and proper insurance, and so on. The tightening of rules means less wiggle room for unscrupulous hosts, and better oversight by the city.

Avoiding the fraudsters

These rules are designed, at least in part, to prevent fraudsters from taking advantage of the rental market. The Real Deal highlighted the rise of Airbnb scams back in September, and some of the new rules – for instance on ensuring that locks within the property can be operated by the owner and the renter – are designed to move the scene back to the spirit of what it’s there for.
That’s sharing a space with a like-minded host, or house-sitting, essentially while they’re away. With more scams cleared from the search pages, there’s an uptick in availability and quality on the way.

Sheer variety

According to Curbed.com, NYC now has more Airbnb listings than apartments for rent. That means there’s a lot of variety and a lot of quality. Time magazine recommends one Howard Beach property, giving a real beach-side vibe while still being in the city.
In Bed-Stuy, you can enjoy a wonderful apartment situated in the birthplace of hip-hop that gives phenomenal views of Manhattan. Finally, a charming French-inspired duplex by Central Park offers easy access to all of the biggest tourist attractions alongside a fun place to stay.
The NYCs Airbnb scene is alive and well – and new laws won’t stop that. Instead, they’ll ensure that Airbnbs are the real deal and that they’re clean and safe, and capture the Airbnb spirit.