10 Tips for Taking Care of Your Eyes While Traveling

Taking Care of Your Eyes While Traveling
Photo by Suzan Kirch on Unsplash.com

Planning a new trip or getaway from NYC is always an exciting thing, whether you are going to spend the vacation in the place of your dreams or have an important meeting with your business partners to sign a big contract. Of course, nobody wants any eye-related problems to ruin these events, that’s why we offer this simple list of 10 things you should do for eye care when you are traveling. This information will be useful for all people and especially for those who wear contact lenses and need special eye care every day. 

  1. Clean your eyes regularly. We understand that sometimes you can get so busy during traveling that even brushing your teeth in the morning seems like something luxurious. Please do not forget about your eyes and wash them with clean water every day. This will help to avoid picking up any bacterial infection that may harm your eyes and make you nervous. Of course, it’s quite important to wash your hands before you wash your eyes. Try to not touch your eyes with dirty hands during the day to avoid getting any foreign body or infection. Remember that clean eyes are happy eyes! It’s important to also feel fresh and clean while traveling.
  2. Let your eyes rest enough. To prevent many illnesses and feel fine, you need to sleep well. Make sure you are sleeping for about 7-9 hours even if you are on vacation and have a big temptation to spend the whole night discovering a new place. Keep in mind that eyestrain and physical fatigue can affect your eyesight earlier or later, so plan your trip wisely to let your eyes rest well.
  3. Buy good sunglasses. UV rays damage your eyes even when you do not look at the sun directly. That’s why a good pair of high-quality sunnies is a must-have in your travel bag. If you have no idea where to find a suitable sunglass frame in New York City, I highly recommend visiting the optical store EuroOptica at 280 Columbus Ave, Manhattan (corner of W 73rd St). It’s one of my favorite optical stores. As an official retailer of fashionable and top-rated sunglasses from leading eyewear designers, including GUCCI, Ray-Ban, Berluti, ic! Berlin, Mykita, etc., EuroOptica offers a wonderful assortment of premium sunglasses to deliver unmatched protection as well as to complete your outfit with a touch of impeccable style and uniqueness. They also have a super nice team of qualified specialists that are always happy to help in choosing the most suitable pair of shades following your needs and demands.

    Taking Care of Your Eyes
    Photo by Michael Kilcoyne on Unsplash.com
  4. Keep your eyes well hydrated. We all are about 85% water, so the whole human body needs to be well hydrated, and your eyes too. Besides, water is the main component of your eyes, so make sure you are drinking about 6-8 cups of water daily. Do not forget about this rule even when you are traveling – especially if you choose a beach rest and lose a lot of water due to hot weather. Stay hydrated when you travel!
  5. Check your eyes regularly. When you are planning a long trip, do not forget to have your eyes checked. This procedure is recommended to be done at least every two years. Do not forget to pay attention when you have checked your eyes for the last time and do it before the trip: in this case, there are no worries about searching for an eye clinic at an unknown place, so you can focus on your leisure or business, depending on the goal of your trip.
  6. Wash hands thoroughly before touching eyes. Especially if you are wearing contact lenses, make sure you have washed your hands before you insert lenses or take them out. When you’re in public areas (airports, cafes, stores, etc.), do not touch your eyes or even handle your glasses to avoid any infections.
  7. Get your prescription with you. If you’re wearing optical frames, it’s wise to carry your prescription with you just in case. Accidents happen when you’re traveling, and your current spectacle may be unexpectedly damaged or just lost, but you will be able to get a replacement faster.
  8. Use goggles for diving. Are you going to spend your vacation on the sea or ocean? It’s fantastic, but if you’re planning to swim a lot, make sure you have packed a pair of swimming goggles. This will help to protect your eyes from any infections underwater and avoid losing contact lens when you’re swimming. 
  9. Don’t wear contact lenses on the plane. The first reason is if you’re sleeping on the plane, it’s better to do it without lenses to give your eyes enough rest. The second reason is humidity level is low during the flight, so if you’re wearing contacts on the plane, you can get unpleasant symptoms like dry eyes and distorting. 
  10. Get enough vitamins. This is good for your eye health, so make sure you’re eating mangoes, carrots, and tomatoes. You should also eat some fish because Omega 3 and 6 are very good for your eyes too. Of course, during winter it can not be so easy to find good fresh fruits, so at least try to take supplements to keep your eyes healthy.

We hope that our tips were useful to help you keep your eyes healthy. Have a nice trip and take proper care of your eyes to avoid any problems!

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