Mini Guide to Renting Hybrid Cars in Manhattan

prius plug-in hybrid

The goal of has always been to provide our readers with a greener way to get out of Manhattan, which typically means that driving a car is not an option. Consequently, a by-product of our green mission is that oM has also been a useful resource for people living in or visiting the city without access to a car. There is an unlimited supply of off Manhattan adventures that can start with a subway, train, or bus ride. Still, we all know that some of the best places to visit are those less traveled, and sometimes the most practical way to reach them is by car.

As we are all waiting for the COVID-19 crisis to end and let us travel again, let’s compromise. Below you will find a list of several car rental companies in Manhattan that offer hybrid solutions. The prices are generally higher than regular cars, but remember that you will also be saving on gas (and saving the world at the same time). Bonus points if you carpool!

Zip Car | | 1-866-4ZIPCAR
Zipcars are everywhere—you are bound to find one a few blocks away. Check the map.
What: Toyota Prius
Rates: From $12/hr and $85/day (starting at $10/hr and $69/day for non-hybrids)
Zipcar is possibly the easiest car rental system out there. Simply look at the map online and reserve your car based on its location and type (Hybrid we hope! Look for cars with Prius in the name). Then walk up to it, swipe your membership RFID access card, open the door to find the keys waiting for you, and you’re off! If you’re running low on gas, use the gas credit card included in every car to take advantage of the free fill-ups. Join now so that you’re all set to grab the closest hybrid and take off on your next oM escapade.

If you prefer to listen to this post instead of reading through – click this video to listen to our recommendations:

Hertz | | 800-654-3131
Where: Several locations throughout the city.
What: Toyota Prius
Rates: About $100 a day
Notes: In June 2007, Hertz added 100 new hybrid vehicles just to its New York City fleet, so you have a very good chance of finding one at the many Manhattan or airport locations. Search for hybrid and electric cars in the “Green Collection.”

Avis | | 1-800-331-1212
Where: Several rental locations throughout the city. Check the website for reservations.
What: Toyota Prius, Ford Escape Hybrid, Nissan Altima Hybrid
Rates: About $100 a day
Notes: Avis offers a few different hybrid car options under its “Cool Cars” fleet, however it seems to be difficult to find them in New York (we have not seen any yet). As the company expands its fleet, they will surely add more hybrids, so keep checking.