Expect to be busy because Arizona is a big state with lots to do. Yet what a journey it will be! See the sunset over the Grand Canyon, climb the short, enjoyable trails in Sedona, see more cacti than you can count, and see the sunrise. The best method to see a new place is to drive there. You can explore at your leisure, discover undiscovered attractions, and quickly alter your plans. Making a choice is nearly impossible because it feels like there is at least one fantastic thing to do or see everywhere.

1. Meteor Crater and Route 66 to Holbrook

You make the most of a few highlights along Route 66, the quintessential American road trip. Who among you has unfathomable determination? Last time I drove this route was with my beloved Ford F150. The durability of my Ford f150 wheel bearings ensured a smooth ride, even over these long distances. 

The most common response will involve Route 66, sometimes known as the Mother Road. The world knows this journey better than any other. Although many roads and related businesses have vanished due to modern society’s thirst for speed, there are still places to experience the golden days.

Take your time and enjoy the scenery if you want to feel a sense of American nostalgia. Williamstown is where you can see Flagstaff and other relics from when America traveled west in 1926. Stop at Route 66’s Meteor Crater to witness the awe-inspiring aftermath of an extraterrestrial impact. While New Mexico has gained notoriety due to stories of UFO crash sites and autopsies, Arizona has a much more obvious connection to space.

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2. From Monument Valley to Winslow

Nothing in Arizona is more steeped in pop culture folklore than Winslow. Making something commonplace and famous is what pop culture is all about. Winslow, a little town in Arizona, is a prime illustration of how something completely commonplace can become a tourist hotspot. 

The Eagles’ “standing on the corner in Winslow, Arizona” is the location that they made famous. They had no idea the Eagles’ song about standing on a particular corner in this sleepy small town would make it famous worldwide. It’s time to leave the town and head to the breathtaking old west American scenery after exploring the town. 

Lovers of old Hollywood Westerns will undoubtedly be eager to see Monument Valley up close. And even if the Hollywood connections don’t convince you, you’ll still be very impressed when you visit this place.

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3. Lake Powell and Page

When you make your way to Page on Lake Powell, the breathtaking sights of Hollywood will be replaced by the picture-perfect setting made famous by social media. Stroll through town and take in the gorgeous contrast of the blue lake water and the red and white cliffs surrounding it. 


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 An artificial lake, Lake Powell runs over 186 kilometers. Daytime boredom is a thing of the past, thanks to the abundance of fun things to do here. Traveling around Arizona by car is a great way to explore the state’s many natural wonders, including the National Monument of the Vermillion Cliffs, Tower Butte, the National Monument of the Rainbow Bridge, and Waterholes Canyon, among many others. You should try to find these; you won’t be disappointed.

4. Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend

At Horseshoe Bend and Antelope Canyon, you spend time taking selfies and beautiful scenery photographs for the less self-absorbed. It’s all about the ‘Gram. If you haven’t heard of them, look for their hashtag on Google or Instagram to discover why they are so well-known. Arizona is popular on Instagram! The city of Page is located at the southern end of the breathtakingly beautiful Lake Powell. 


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 But Antelope Canyon and Horseshoe Bend are two locations outside of town that you must see if you want to take pictures for your Instagram account. At Horseshoe Bend, you need to be on your toes and avoid becoming one of those who put their lives in danger by getting too close to the edge for the “ultimate” selfie, even though the soothing flow of the rock patterns at Antelope Canyon can be quite hypnotic.

5. Phoenix to Sedona

You leave Phoenix and go to Sedona’s breathtaking and profoundly spiritual city to learn about Native American history. If you take the interstate to Sedona, you won’t have time to stop at Montezuma Castle National Monument, which is another fantastic attraction along the way. 

Spend some time here learning about the history of the Native Americans. Because of its dedication to maintaining Native American culture, this National Monument in Arizona is an excellent tourist destination. The Montezuma Well and the Montezuma Castle, which date back more than 500 years, may be found just a short distance up the road from one another. Both of these structures are exceptional examples of the vision and technical prowess of Native People.

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6. Grand Canyon

You can choose to observe the dawn over Horseshoe Bend in the morning. This is a calm area to be in at sunrise because fewer people are around. Compared to sunset, it is a vastly different sensation that feels like a zoo on hectic evenings. See the Grand Canyon by car. The east entrance is where you’ll enter the park. You can stop at various overlooks as you go to Grand Canyon Village via Desert View Drive. However, Grand View Point is magnificent, and Moran Point, the Desert View Watchtower, and Grand View Point are your favorites.


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 7. Drive to Petrified Forest National Park

Visit Petrified Forest National Park for the day and on to Monument Valley up north. Like Saguaro, Petrified Forest is a small park open daily. Petrified Forest National Park is divided into two parts. Painted Desert hills are in the northern region. Short backcountry walks and picture opportunities abound in this area. Petrified wood from hundreds of millions of years ago can be found in the park’s southern section. Go to Monument Valley in the north in the afternoon. The drives on the Arizona road trip will be shorter after today.


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You can take this road trip whenever you like. The best times to visit are from March through May and late September to mid-November when the weather is nice, and there aren’t too many people in the parks. Expect stifling temperatures and massive crowds during the warmer months of June through August. Snow can influence travel during the winter, especially near the Grand Canyon. However, this is a calm season to visit this region if you don’t mind the freezing conditions and the possibility of snow.