As airports have grown into bustling hubs of commercial activities, parking premises have become fundamental aspects, having a defining impact on customer experience. Many airports have witnessed the growth of parking lots, undeterred by the development of public transport alternatives (e.g., bringing luggage onto the bus). If you’re a frequent traveler and prefer to spare yourself the tiring experience of booking a ride, just bring your own car to the airport. Knowing your options when it comes to finding affordable airport parking can help you maximize your savings, so when planning your upcoming adventure, keep these tips in mind. 

Pick The Best Airport for Your Next Trip 

Sometimes, the price of parking can be more expensive than the flight itself. Just so you’re aware, parking rates may vary significantly from one location to the other, meaning that some airports are more expensive than others. If you’re flying from Boston, for example, you’ll need to head to East Boston if you want to save on parking costs, as Logan Airport parking is a little cheaper.

When considering parking, you’ll want to take into account two aspects, namely cost and convenience. More exactly, the airport should have a suitable-sized parking lot located in front of the main terminal building, which can be accessed from any entrance.

Avoid Short-Term Parking at All Costs

It may be inconvenient to leave your vehicle inside the garage or with a friend before going for a tour; airport parking will secure your car as you fly out. There are two options to choose from: short-term and long-term parking.

Short-term parking isn’t an excellent option for your wallet, which means that you’ll have to dig deep into your pockets for the convenience of a shorter walk. The parking premises are closer to the terminal, so the airport charges a premium price tag.

Attention must be paid to the fact that smaller airports offer only short-term parking and, in consequence, you need to find somewhere nearby to leave your car. 

Long-term airport parking is considerably cheaper, so it can save you time and money because the parking lot charges by the day, not the hour. It’s a good idea to book in advance. Don’t waste any more time, and reach out to the parking lot to ask about prices for pre-booking.

Thoroughly prepare your vehicle for the parking facility by removing any valuable items, checking the tires, and topping off the fluids. Equally important is to take your house keys off the ring before handing them over to the parking attendant because there’s the risk the keys might get misplaced. Losing your house keys is challenging, even if the fallout isn’t impossible to handle. 

Find A Good Deal on Airport Parking

It’s worth exploring your options regarding airport parking to secure a good deal and save money for your trip. When planning your getaway, consider using apps like Parkos, an online platform that makes the process of reserving airport parking easy, affordable, and, above all, transparent.

You can change your booking up to 24 hours before departure by contacting customer service by phone, email, or chat. All parking providers on the website have been subject to a thorough evaluation, not to mention that regular visits are carried out to parking premises to take notice of quality. With a Google search, you’ll never find what you need. 

The Internet offers ample opportunity to find the best offer for airport parking, so you just need to know where to look. Different prices are available depending on what parking lot you decide on, so check the prices of each lot, although it might take some time.

Airport parking is an expense that can’t be avoided, but you can save the situation by making a reservation now. Not only can you program your timelines, but you can also get a discount on your next reservation. Having a valid ID before arriving at the parking lot is important. 

Don’t Leave It to The Last Minute

One of the reasons why you shouldn’t leave airport parking to the last minute is stress. Driving around the parking lot at the airport, looking for a place to leave your vehicle, is a stressful event, to say the least. It’s not the best way to start your journey. If you leave things to the last minute, unforeseen circumstances might arise.

You have nowhere to go if there’s no parking space (and you’ll most likely be penalized for parking at the wrong spot). In case you didn’t already know, the rates for last-minute bookings tend to be high because parking operators know you don’t have other options; they’re aware you’re short on time and fear missing out. 

Travel Outside of Peak Times 

During peak travel times like holidays, airport parking is more expensive, meaning that deals are harder to come by. Many parking premises are located near the terminal building, and operators charge their rates accordingly to manage demand in the city. This includes charging more, if necessary.

With so many people heading to the airport, it shouldn’t be surprising that parking facilities are overcrowded. Traveling during off-peak season translates into more affordable airport parking – it’s impossible not to find cost savings because the airport doesn’t expect full parking lot capacity. The off-peak season varies significantly across the globe. In the southern hemisphere, it’s approximately June-August, while in the northern hemisphere, it’s November-February. 

Final Thoughts 

To sum up, airport parking is run like a business, which signifies that owners are thinking about how to recover the investment. At the minimum, parking fees cover the costs of staffing and security.

The proximity to the terminal and when you make a reservation play an important role in how much airport parking will cost you, so it’s important to strategize your approach if you want to save money. Obviously, it’s more expensive if you turn up and park on the day of departure. Look online for deals for your specific airport; when you get back, the car will be ready, so you can go straight home. You don’t need a limo or a shuttle.

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