It might seem like private jets are only for the rich and famous, but it’s not exactly true. You won’t find one at the rate of coach seats, of course, but it’s affordable if you have a good job and follow some smart tips.

Some people would benefit from flying privately at times, while most just want to have that Private Jet experience, at least once in their life. Let’s look at some ways you can find a way to fulfill that dream. Even if it takes a few years to save, you’ll get there eventually.

1. Look For Empty Leg Flights

If you want to get the best price to fly in a private jet, you’ll need to look into empty-leg flights. Sometimes airplanes will need to fly somewhere to pick someone up, which could mean flying to Vegas without any passengers.

What do you think the company will say if you offer to pay a small amount to occupy the seats? Companies always take money wherever possible. You will need to enquire about empty-leg flights before booking one.

2. Share Flight With Your Family

Some people don’t enjoy going on holiday with family members, but how many people will be in your party? I’m sure you can convince a few aunts and uncles to fly somewhere nice, even if you stay at different hotels.

It will allow you to split the costs between multiple family members, so you’re knocking a huge percentage off the price. Arrange it with everyone well in advance, so each person has time to save money.

3. Look For People On The Internet

If you don’t have any family looking to fly private, it’s possible to ask online. Start by posting a message on Facebook, and ask everyone to share the post. Maybe you’ll find enough people to fill a small private jet.

You can also post on other channels that reach more people. Even if you fly somewhere with strangers, it’s better than being stuck in a large plane. You only need to find people within driving distance of the airport.

4. Ask Someone For A Free Ride

If you have the right stuff, it’s possible to ask some rich people if you can get a free ride on their private jet. You will need some sort of online presence before asking. You will find it almost impossible to find someone if you’re a total stranger.

If you have a popular Instagram or Youtube channel, or any platform on which you became an authority in your niche, it’s a completely different story. Rich people will enjoy spending time with you if they’re already a fan, or if they think you can add some value to their time. You will never know unless you tell everyone what you want.

5. Choosing A Smaller Aircraft

You don’t need to fly in a large jet when going short distances. Unfortunately, people are too scared to fly in small planes. They usually have a propeller that scares everyone because those jets have a worse safety record.

If you’re okay with flying on a jet that only fits a couple of people, it will be much cheaper than a normal-sized jet. You won’t be able to invite as many guests onboard, but it’s better than being stuck in coach.

It Could Become A Regular Thing

There are plenty of ways to fulfill your dream of flying on a private jet. However, you should watch out…if you fall in love with flying on private jets, you might decide to turn it into a regular thing…