Small video content is one of the most viewed things on the internet these days. And people are readily taking inspiration from other people’s TikTok travel videos to make their travel plans. But the market is flooded with different kinds of travel TikTok videos. In this market which is overflowing with travel influencers, how do you make content that goes viral? 

Forbes says more than 42% of marketers are now using TikTok to market their brands. Over 1.5 billion users browse TikTok monthly. Viewership is rising leaps and bounds, and going viral on this platform is easier than you think. You just need to function methodically and take the process seriously, and you will be able to crack it in no time. If you’re working from home, you can use the right tools to improve productivity. 

One of the primary things you need to have is a good story for your video, but that is not all. The journey just begins there; the next steps are equally important for you to go viral. Discover with us as we give you a step-by-step guide on how to create travel videos that can go viral on TikTok. Join us and read to find out. 

8 Steps to Make a Viral TikTok travel video

We have outlined the 8 essential steps that are a must-have for making viral travel videos. 

1. Notice the viral travel TikTok trends

TikTok is full of trends; make sure you are constantly active and take notice of these trends the moment they happen. You can not hop on to trends after a million-odd people have already made videos on it. Like beach travel videos are trendy during summer months, snow videos are trendy during the winter.

You must be one of the first few people who pick on a trend and make a travel video on it. If you think this is too much information for you to retain, you can record the content with screen recording software and refer to it later. Follow relevant travel pages and competitors if you want to stay in touch with all the latest trends. You can never miss out on the trends if you wish to be viral. 

2. Make videos in a viral-friendly format

What is a viral-friendly travel video format? “How to reach X place?”, “Did you know X fact about X place?”, “Before and After video” formats work best to make it viral. These questions or suggestions at the beginning of the video act as great hooks for the audience to wait and see the video till the end. This helps you increase your audience, and it shows up on more people’s feeds. 

3. Make videos for travel brands 

Forbes reports have mentioned that TikTok videos are one of the best ways to get your brand noticed. In the current market, it is one of the most trending marketing and advertising strategies. That is why when you desire to make viral travel videos, you must get hold of brands that want to market themselves. This can be a barter, paid, or any other form of collaboration.

Make sure the brand is relevant to travel. If you endorse a known brand on your video, you will get viewership from your audience and also the brand’s faithful audience base. This will easily make your travel videos go viral. But remember, just because endorsements bring you viewers and money, you can not endorse irrelevant brands. That will take away your viewers. 

4. Pick your TikTok travel songs

Most TikTok songs and music options are not really traveling video-friendly. Though they might sound good, it is important you do not choose irrelevant songs/music. You cannot add food or fashion video music to a travel video. Your audience will lose faith in your content if you do this, and you will start losing followers. It is always important to stick to your niche. 

5. Use proper video shooting gear/camera

When you are planning to shoot a TikTok travel video, you must use proper gear, camera, and set-up. You cannot have a hazy shot of a new place and expect it to go viral. You need crystal-clear shots, great clarity, and dynamic shooting techniques. 

You can use new equipment like drone cameras, underwater GoPro cameras and more if you want to create more thrill. All your shots can not be from the same position and same camera angle.

You must constantly keep changing your shooting techniques to engage your audience. Also, understand which travel destination is best shot with which camera. If you are shooting a dome or high structure, then drone shots are great, but if it is a travel video where you visit a pub or a restaurant, drone shots are irrelevant. Pick wisely. 

Creating Viral TikTok Travel Videos
Use proper video shooting gear/camera. Photo by Cody Scott Milewski on

6. Use a video editing software

Publishing raw video content on TikTok is a catastrophic decision for someone who wants to make viral travel videos. If the quality of the video is great, it has to go viral. 

You need to start using video editing software to know to improve the quality of your video. Good editing software can help you adjust light, add filters, cut and edit video clips, add frames, improve clarity, and more. 

7. Be smart when you film

Yes, we said that you need to get on top of travel video trends and make your own videos to go viral. But you also need to play smart when shooting a video. Offer something unique in every video, even if the destination is the same as others. Offer a new insight, a new fact, an innovative travel tip, or an offbeat location that others did not discover. 

8. Ask others to join your TikTok trend

If you want to make your TikTok travel video go viral, you must use your video to ask others to join the trend. Ask your followers to visit the places you visit, and ask them to tell you if your video helped in their travel plans. You can also ask them to make their videos of the same location and share them with you!

Are You Ready to Create Good Travel Videos for TikTok? 

Test the tips and steps we mentioned above to make your own viral TikTok travel videos. Stop waiting on your travel vlogger dreams when you can start today and go viral. Start shooting, start creating!