The news of ease in travel restrictions worldwide might have pushed you to take a break from your demanding life and go on a vacation with your family. But where you and your family will spend your holidays might be one of the most challenging decisions you are likely to make at this point. 

Perhaps you have jotted down a long list of destinations. However, you might prefer taking a trip to a place with mesmerizing views, cozy cabins, thrilling adventures, spell-bounding attractions, mouth-watering dining options, and local events. Well, in that case, you must plan a visit to Pigeon Forge, in Tennessee. 

Situated in the Northeastern United States, Pigeon Forge is a small mountainous town, quickly becoming one of Tennessee’s most exciting tourist destinations (check out our post about other weekend getaways in Tennessee). However, don’t get fooled by the small size of this destination. 

The small town has a lot of lovely attractions and outdoor activities for every kind of traveler. The best thing about visiting this beautiful destination is you can tour this place all year round. However, if you wish to avoid crowds, be sure to plan your trip in the early spring or fall season.

Still not convinced? No worries. Keep reading the list below of the best things you can do in Pigeon forge to make your trip memorable:

1. Grab a ticket to the Comedy Barn Theater

Among the plenty of fun things to do in Pigeon Forge, start your trip by visiting the famous Comedy Barn Theater. The spot is ideal for visitors who wish to elevate their mood with clean humor. You will find comedians, jugglers, magicians, ventriloquists, live music, and more to make your evening full of fun and laughter. For more than 20 years, The family-friendly Comedy barn has been offering its guests a night of nonstop entertainment.

Do you wish to take something with you as a souvenir to remind you how much you enjoyed the evening at the Comedy Barn? You are in luck. 

The place has a gift shop. You can visit before or after the show and get the perfect souvenir. You can find various items, such as coffee mugs, t-shirts, stuffed animals, etc.

2. Head to the Dollywood

What’s a vacation without an amusement park? Luckily, Pigeon Forge has a unique 150-acre theme park owned by Dolly Parton. Since it’s a most-visited destination in Tennessee, the famous park must be on your bucket list.

The famous theme park offers more than 50 thrilling rides for visitors of all ages. A few thrilling rides you cannot miss at any cost include Wild Eagle, Daredevil Falls, Tennessee Tornado, Lightning Rod, Thunderhead, etc.

Of course, not everyone is fond of the adrenaline rush. So are you skipping visiting Dollywood because you don’t wish to try rides? No need to worry. The beautiful park offers other activities, too. For example, the park hosts different shows, from educational to musical concerts. So if you are a music lover, you must stop by the Southern Gospel Museum. And if you have kids with you on your trip, make sure to visit the Country Fair or the Firehouse Fun Yard at Wilderness Pass and let them run around and explore. 

Check out this video to get a glimpse of Dollywood:


3. Tour the Titanic Museum

The trip to this enthralling town is incomplete without visiting the Titanic Museum, and you will know why. The world’s largest and most famous museum pays tribute to the ship, crew, and passengers. The iconic museum opened its door in 2010 and is home to approximately 400 artifacts exhibited in 20 different galleries.  

The famous museum regularly hosts new and engaging events for its visitors. So visit their official website and make an early reservation.

To enter the Titanic Museum, you need a ticket which is also a boarding pass. The pass has the actual Titanic passenger’s real name, photo, and background. As you take this pass and tour, you will realize that history came alive. You can learn the history of the incident by going on a tour alone or by letting a tour guide help you.

While visiting the museum, stop by the World’s Largest titanic LEGO ship. The extraordinary piece of art is the replica of the RMS Titanic. Made up of 56,000 LEGO bricks, a 10-year-old boy with autism built it.

4. Explore the Island

Do you wish to explore rides, shops, eateries, entertainment, and mesmerizing views of everything in one place? Then, look no further than the Island. 

The 23-acre Island in Pigeon Forge welcomes guests of all ages. It is open year-round, with slight variations in operating hours during the holidays. And the best part is you can visit the one-stop destination free of cost.

Start your trip to the Island by visiting the gigantic 200-foot Ferris wheel that offers scenic views of the Smoky Mountains. While at it, experience a 20-minute LED show with more than one million sparkling lights.

Do you enjoy learning everything about true and serious crimes? Then, head to the Alcatraz East Crime Museum at the Island in the Pigeon forge. The 25,000-square-foot space features over 20 exhibits covering topics like the U.S Justice System, the history of American crimes, etc. 

Moreover, suppose you have kids with you on the trip. In that case, they can also discover exciting educational exhibits, including a heist laser maze, a jail cell escape, a modern police shooting range, and more.

Other mind-blowing attractions that you must visit on the Island are the Escape Room, the Island Ropes Course, Island Bumper Car, and more!

5. Be amazed at the Hollywood Wax Museum

Do you know you can experience a taste of Hollywood and snap a photo with your favorite Hollywood star in Pigeon forge? For this, you need to unleash the fan inside you and visit the famous Hollywood Wax museum

The 22,000-square-foot museum features lifelike wax figures of well-known Hollywood artists and celebrities. The wax statues were built with the celebrities’ exact measurements, giving the impression that you are meeting the actual person. The museum also provides its guests with props and costumes and allows you to take as many pictures as you wish.

Next, wander off to Hannah’s Maze of Mirrors, where the Princess Hannah of Savannah has gotten lost. You must rescue her by climbing the musical staircase and braving the Ugly Hetty’s Vortex. 

Lastly, don’t forget to enjoy a 5D experience – Castle of Chaos, where you sit in a theater seat and become a part of the action being unfolded, such as racing, flying, crashing, and more.

Before we sum up, watch this video to get a glimpse:


Summing up

Rest assured, you will never have a dull day in this mountainous resort city because there are plenty of things to do. So whether you enjoy live entertainment, want to soak yourself in nature, are a history enthusiast, or want to taste divine wine – Pigeon Forge has everything. In a nutshell, the magical sweet spot will undeniably satisfy your wanderlust and help you create unforgettable memories. So what are you waiting for? Start packing and get ready to hit the road!