CBD products have swept the world in the last decade, with it quickly transitioning from an almost alien substance to something you might find at a local corner store or at your favorite coffee shops.

The main changes when it comes to CBD awareness have mostly occurred in the USA, but hemp is starting to spread elsewhere, too.

Britain, Europe, and even Australia are becoming more and more aware of the benefits of CBD products. From vegan hemp gummies to regular CBD oils, it is slowly becoming an everyday substance.

So you’re planning to travel to Ausieland and wondering where you can get your CBD products in Australia? In this post, we’ll try to help you out with that.

What Is CBD & Can You Get It Legally in Australia

A little background first, for those new to the topic. CBD is one of the main cannabinoids within cannabis plants. It can create all manner of different effects within the human body.

However, while it is similar in chemical structure to the infamous THC cannabinoid, it doesn’t induce any psychoactive reaction. Instead, it can trigger its effects calmly and gently, producing various effects that are not as intense or noticeable compared to regular cannabis.

CBD is one of those things that most people think of as inherently illegal and dangerous, primarily because of its association with cannabis.

However, CBD is very different from regular, THC-rich cannabis, particularly in the legal sense.

While many places in the world still consider cannabis and all things associated with it to be dangerous and very illegal, things are different for CBD.

Thanks to a number of famous incidents surrounding the use of CBD in managing conditions like epilepsy, CBD has now gradually become legal in many countries.

In Australia, CBD oil was made legal to consume and own in 2016, but required a regular prescription from a doctor.

This all changed in 2021, with CBD oil being made legal to sell over the counter, like many other pharmaceutical products.

Now, instead of needing a doctor’s prescription, people that want to add CBD oil to their diet can just go and buy it like anything else.

But where can Australians go to get CBD oil? What are the best brands and stores?

#1 – Pharmacies

Since 2021, most pharmacies in Australia have started to sell CBD products over the counter to customers. The CBD products found in pharmacies are predominantly designed to be used as a dietary supplement, with options including capsules and tinctures.

Some pharmacies are also expanding their range of CBD products to include a much more extensive selection of topical and cosmetic products. CBD creams and other topicals are an excellent option for people looking to treat skin irritations or mild aches and pains.

Purchasing CBD products in pharmacies is a particularly good option for people who have never used it before. Pharmacists are typically on hand to offer advice and guidance on which products are likely to be the best option.

#2 – Health Food Stores

A growing number of health food stores in Australia are starting to stock CBD products alongside other dietary supplements. The products found in health food stores are most often those that can be used as daily supplements.

Health food stores are definitely worth checking out when looking for CBD edibles as they tend to offer a much more extensive selection than pharmacies. The majority of products found in health food stores are designed to be taken as part of the diet, such as oil tinctures, powders, and edibles.

#3 – Direct from CBD Brands

CBD products can also be purchased online. Since 2021, many brands have started to deliver to customers in Australia. Premium Jane, for example, is a popular brand that has recently launched an Australian site, offering an extensive range of high-quality products.

There are many benefits to shopping directly with a particular brand. Firstly, the official website is usually the only place where all of its products will be available in one place. Third-party retailers will typically only stock a select range of products from the brands that they offer.

Secondly, the good brands provide a great deal of information about the products on their website that is not as readily available when shopping with a third party. Most brands provide access to the lab reports for their products and information about where their ingredients are sourced from and how their products are made.

Lastly, the brands selling their products directly to customers tend to offer the best value when it comes to price and quality. Third-party companies have to make a profit when selling CBD products and have their own expenses to cover, which is reflected in the price.

Shopping directly with the good brands is a great way to support them while also accessing the most extensive range of products.

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