As the crocuses triumphantly rise from the cold earth, families can rejoice. That stir-crazy feeling of being cooped up inside all winter will give way to the excitement of getting outside and for some new parents, their first real adventure with a baby in tow. Heading outdoors with an infant can be challenging, so these […]

Volunteer at Summer Streets in NYC

While most people do their best to escape the city during the summer, I find it to be the best time of year to enjoy all the spoils that New York has to offer. The weekends are less crowded, cyclists fill the bike lanes, carefree children run wild through playground sprinklers, and free cultural events […]

volunteer this spring

Spring is here. It’s time to put those winter sweaters back into storage and dust off your flip flops. As the seasons change, so do the volunteer opportunities become available; there are gardens to be planted, parks to be prepped for the onslaught of visitors, and other outdoor projects that are most enjoyable in the […]