If you’re planning a romantic city break, consider one of these three day hikes near NYC that will take your breath away, and not just because you’ve conquered a dramatic climb. Pull on your boots, pack a picnic, and discover how easy it is to enjoy a great outdoor adventure without a car.

Jamaica Bay

New York is full of great parks and promenades for making the most of a beautiful day. But if you want to escape the sounds and souls of the city while still enjoying a little car-free adventure close to home, the best place to go is Queens. Yes, Queens. It may be the last place […]

Blueberry picking

Blueberry season is at its prime in July and August in New York. Strap up those boots, pull out your Harriman-Bear Mountain Trails Map, pack a picnic and leave room for dessert. The Appalachian Mountain Club recommends the Lake Skenonto Loop. This is an eight-mile hike with a moderate elevation gain of 1500 feet. This […]