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Wild Blueberry Picking in New York’s Harriman State Park

Blueberry picking

Blueberry season is at its prime in July and August in New York. Strap up those boots, pull out your Harriman-Bear Mountain Trails Map, pack a picnic and leave room for dessert. The Appalachian Mountain Club recommends the Lake Skenonto Loop. This is an eight-mile hike with a moderate elevation gain of 1500 feet. This hike will lead you along several lakes and through thousands of wild blueberry bushes.

Directions from New York Penn Station:
blueberry picking and lakes

Take the New Jersey Transit’s Northeast Corridor to Secaucus Junction. Transfer to Port Jervis Line to Tuxedo, NY. Average travel time: 70 mins. From the train station, walk north until East Village Road. Make a right and continue down this road crossing over a river and under the thruway. When you reach the T, make a left onto Grove Drive.

Directions on the Trail

On your right, you will see the Ramapo-Dunderberg Trail (R-D, red on white blaze), take this until you cross the Triangle trail (yellow blaze), which you will turn right on.

You’ll soon see blueberries by the thousands among the bushes. After your tongue turns purple and you’ve filled your pockets with as many wild blueberries as can fit, you will come to Lake Skenonto. From the lake, take the Victory Trail (blue “V” in a white blaze) south. Make a left on the Blue Disc trail (blue circles on white blazes). This will take you to the Claudius Smith Den overlook. Soon after the overlook, a right onto the Tuxedo-Mt. Ivy trail (TMI, red blazes). Take the TMI until its terminus and then make a left onto the R-D Trail (red on white blaze) and take this back to the train station.

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