5 Most Romantic ATV Destinations For Valentine’s Day

romantic ATV destinations
Photo by Elievan Junior on Unsplash.com

With Valentine’s Day coming up, now is the time to start planning a date with the one you love the most. ATVs and UTVs can take you to adventurous destinations for quality alone time with your special someone. Riding your 4×4 or side-by-side with your date guarantees a day of fun, fitness, and plenty of scenery. Here are ATV Trader’s five romantic destinations for riding on your ATV or UTV.

1. The Beach

Take in some sun with your significant other and have a beach day on a dune buggy. Kick up sand, roll over the dunes, spin around in a donut, and feel the breeze along the water. 

You could even collect a few seashells and stick around for a sunrise or sunset over the ocean. Make sure you check with your local beach authorities on their riding policies before you take your buggy out on the sand. Here are some beautiful beaches you could try.

2. The Mountains and Hills

ATVs and UTVs are unique in that they take you places that would be difficult to get to on foot or with a large vehicle, including large mountains and hills. If it’s cold out, venture with your Valentine on a snow-covered trail. 

There are lots of beautiful mountain ranges in New York to choose from. Maneuver your way through some fun and challenging uphill boulders. Reach the summit and take in the view of the horizon. At night, gaze at the stars or check out the bright city lights that stretch out for miles.

3. Lakes and Rivers

Leave your cares behind and explore nature on your ATV or UTV on Valentine’s Day. Ride to a lake or river and relax in the romantic surroundings. 

You can even tow a small boat such as a canoe or kayak to get out on the water. Whether you plan a picnic, ice fish, or decide to stay overnight for camping along the water, you can pack up your supplies and easily transport them on your off-roading vehicle. Here’s a good list of the best lakes in New York you can choose from. 

4. The Forest

Riding in the forest can make for a playful and romantic date on your ATV or UTV. Find an off-road trail in the woods and sling some mud at your loved one for some flirtatious fun on your vehicle. 

Have a couple’s race and bounce through the dirt, catch air on a jump, and perform tricks that are sure to impress your admirer. Or, take a peaceful ride together and appreciate a quiet moment with nature. For a choice of forests, check out the NYC Parks website.

5. Golf Courses

Take him or her out on your golf cart for a chance to slow down with a friendly competition on the greens. This is one way to move at an easier pace while playing the sport just for pleasure or bragging rights with a win. 

Haul your clubs and cruise around in your cart on the course and play against each other, or plan a double date and play with a group. Put on your golf attire while you enjoy the nice weather and each other’s company. Where should you go? You can try Van Cortlandt Park Golf Course in the Bronx.

Find a romantic destination this Valentine’s Day when you go for a ride on your ATV or UTV. Discover a new spot with a view, get some alone time together out in nature, or use your vehicle for fun with your date. If you’re looking for your next vehicle, be sure to check out new and used ATVs and UTVs on ATVTrader.com!