5 Post Pandemic Outdoor Activities You Should Try This Year

wild swimming
Photo by Paige Cody on Unsplash.com

After too many months of staying at home, thanks to COVID, it’s time to plan how we’re going to spend our Post Pandemic time. Most of us will be spending most of it outside, probably for entire days. Oh man, how we missed it. However, with work, kids and so much more on our plate – we’ll need to choose the best outdoor activities that can truly fulfill us.

Outdoor activities are a wonderful way to make our bodies move and detox, relax our minds, breathe clean air, and connect with friends, family, or new people. In this post, we picked a few unique Post Pandemic outdoor activities you should try. These won’t require experience or extreme fitness, but they could make some amazing changes in your health and wellbeing.  

1. The CurveBall by Teal Swan

After more than 24 months (and counting) of living through a depressing pandemic, how’d you feel about a deep dive into your shadows and potentially your light? Meet The CurveBall by Teal Swan, an internationally recognized personal transformation leader. 

Post Pandemic Outdoor Activities
Teal Swan, an internationally recognized personal transformation leader. Photo by Cyan Gleason, Merchandise Manager at Shop.tealswan.com

In this unique workshop, Teal shows you the truths about yourself (those you’ve been trying to hide) and about your life. The CurveBall is not a relaxation retreat, but quite the opposite. It’s a mind-bottling experience that could change your life. 

So what exactly is The Curveball? Well, it’s an extraordinary workshop, in which you go all-in and completely blind, and so does Teal Swan. She observes the group attendees and based on her analysis, she custom designs the workshop according to them. 

The CurveBall is a disruptive and unexpected experience that will surprise you on every stage. However, you’ll need to be brave and ready to ‘get your hands dirty in order to trigger a genuine healing process of your soul. 

Want to taste a bit of what it’s all about? Check out this GIFT of 5 FREE Meditations by Teal Swan! Over 200,000 People have experienced Teal’s Meditations! Here are just a few real customer reviews: “I feel guided and supported through most, if not all of my issues in these meditations…”, Helen Laughton. “Whatever I am feeling or going through, there is a meditation that is helpful and guides me into a deeper understanding of myself…”, Anna Sommer. “It improved my awareness with regards to my boundaries…”, Adriana Stefan.

Outdoor Activities
The CurveBall is not a relaxation retreat, but quite the opposite. It’s a mind-bottling experience that could change your life. Photo by Cyan Gleason, Merchandise Manager at Shop.tealswan.com

2. Plant a Tree and Grow it

In the age of global warming, what better contributing outdoor activity is there? According to scientists, trees have an amazing capability to stop global warming. So why not plant a family or a friendship tree? If you have a garden with enough space – it shouldn’t be a problem, but you can also adopt a tree. 

Imagine the fun part of planting a tree: You’ll all be getting dirty filling the hole with muddy soil, packing it around the tree. Planting a tree is a great social activity you can do with family or friends, and the cool thing is it doesn’t end with the planting stage. Nurturing the tree, trimming and shaping it every week or two, and watching it grow over time is an extremely gratifying experience. 

Planting and growing a tree isn’t only a wonderful thing for you and your family (or friends), it’s a contribution to a cleaner planet and a better future. You can adopt a tree here in NY by signing up on MillionTreesNYC.org

3. Wild Swimming

Ever tried Wild Swimming? This is another wonderful way to soak yourself in the great outdoors. Why do I like it so much? Well, first of all, there’s nothing like making a splash under the open sky. 

Secondly, it’s a great sport that helps me manage my weight and strengthen my lungs, but more than that – it works wonders on my mind. Swimming in the wild and (sometimes) very cold water doesn’t only boost the immune system, it alleviates stress, and makes you reconnect with nature in a very pure way. 

I prefer going wild swimming with a few friends, usually a group of 4-5. We make sure the lake or beach water we’re entering is safe (the easiest way to check is on the CDC website). We make a social gathering out of our wild swimming day, bringing lots of food, beer and there’s always a cake for dessert. 

Where should you go wild swimming? One of my favorite spots is under the Walkway, the world’s longest elevated pedestrian bridge which spans 1.28 miles over the Hudson River in upstate NY. It’s a breathtaking course, a bit challenging, but super fun! If you want – you can join a group swim organized by New York Open Water.

Want to get a glimpse into what a wild swimming experience looks like? Watch this:


4. Long-Distance Hiking

This is probably going to be one of my regular Post Pandemic Outdoor Activities. In a very similar manner to wild swimmers, many hikers these days are looking for stronger and more challenging connections with nature. Long-distance (multi-day) hikes are trending and becoming more popular by the day. 

In many countries in Europe long-distance hiking routes, up in the mountains, have always been part of a tradition. Here in the US, hiking saw explosive growth in the last few years (a lot of thanks to the Pandemic), as more travelers are searching for the wild, and for a tougher challenge in nature.

Long-distance hikes force you to rely on all your senses, in particular those that have been exhausted by city life. I love these arduous hikes up the mountains, smelling the woody trees filling my lungs with clean air. My ears catch the sounds of every bird circling above, all senses are working! With good hiking boots and a few healthy snacks, I can usually reach every destination (but not always!). 

Long-distance hiking, for a few days at a time, isn’t just a huge physical challenge, but a big one for your mind as well. So where to go? Also here, my favorite trail lies along the Hudson. Called the Hudson River Greenway Trail – it includes beautiful riverside walking trails, water trails, rail-trail corridors, and much more. This unique trail connects and transforms the valley’s historic, cultural and recreational features into a wonderful experience.

5. Clean a Beach

My first beach clean-up happened 5 years ago, and it’s become a tradition ever since. I absolutely love it. I found it to be a terrific way to meet people with a similar mindset while making the world a little cleaner. 

I usually head up to a beach with a group of friends, armed with lots of trash bags, and of course – some food and beers for a beach picnic afterward. If your friends are not really into it – you can easily find an organized clean-up volunteer group. For beach clean-ups in NYC, you can check NYCservice.org.

It’s a really fun way to volunteer, protect our oceans and beaches, be outdoors, meet people and maybe even get a little tan 🙂 Just remember to wear thick gloves (like those used by gardeners) so your hands are protected.

I hope you’ll engage in one (or all!) of these fun Post Pandemic Outdoor Activities. Let us know if you do!

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