Things to Do Before and After You Go Mudding with Your UTV

Mudding with Your UTV
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Mudding is one of the most popular off-road motorsports, especially in Canada and the United States. It involves driving your vehicle through a muddy trail, usually at a fast speed. The game itself is fun and thrilling. You go fast, in circles, and most importantly, you get to get yourself dirty. In this post, we’ll discuss the key things to do before and after mudding with your UTV.

People choose a wide variety of off-road vehicles to go mudding. Some prefer riding offroad SUVs while others opt for dirt bikes. Both of these choices deserve praise because both have their specialties. However, there is one vehicle that is even more popular than these two types when it comes to mudding – the UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle).

UTVs are the ultimate mudding vehicles, but you do need to be careful while driving them. In fact, before you go mudding and once you are done with the activity, there are a few things you need to ensure. These things will help you enjoy the sport while making sure that your UTV is in top shape for the next time you decide to ride it.

Getting the UTV Ready for Mudding

Start with the tires. Mud tires would be ideal for mudding. However, know that these tires can drastically reduce the lifespan of your UTV’s axles, especially if the axles are weak. What you can do is use them only for the mudding activity, and switch to regular tires when you are done. 

The Maxxis Carnivore UTV tire and the GBC Kanati Mongrel are two brands of tires that you could try out. They will keep the vehicle stable, and provide the necessary traction to keep the vehicle on the ground. Avoid going into deep muddy terrains with the Maxxis tire, as it cannot handle the pressure in those cases.

While choosing the tires, get some new shocks for the UTV as well. Anything with a steel body and a three-quarter-inch shaft should be good enough for light mudding. You will need something a bit stronger and more expensive if you want to max out the speedometer on the vehicle.  

Next check the UTV mirrors. Get some side mirrors for your machine that will not get damaged that easily. Mount the UTV mirrors at an angle where you can clearly see anything that is behind you. This will come in handy if you are mudding and racing at the same time. Plus, side mirrors are a must on any motor vehicle. Adjust the clamps and bracket arrangement of the mirrors in such a way that a small tug on them will not break the joints. You can expect that to happen a lot in these rather extreme off-roading motorsports.

After all these details have been accounted for, your next job is to spray mudslinger on the UTV’s body. Mudslinger is a type of protective and non-stick aerosol that makes sure that mud and dirt do not stick to the UTV’s body. Using a mudslinger will let you clean the mud off of your UTV body with just a water hose. Plus, the aerosol also protects the vehicle from UV rays.

After You are Done Mudding

Since you have used the mudslinger, shooting water at the UTV with a pressure hose should get rid of all the dirt and mud on the body. Next, you have to deal with the mechanics of the vehicle.

An oil change is a must. All the dirt and mud you collect during the mudding will accumulate there at some point. Hence, it is better to go for an oil change immediately. 

Next, clean the air filters on the vehicle. They too must have accumulated a lot of dust and mud. Unless that is cleared out, you cannot expect the engine to get the required amount of air through the filters. 

That in turn will make the whole system a lot more inefficient, and your UTV will be consuming more fuel than it needs to. In some cases, the air filter might be damaged as well. This could happen if rocks or pebbles somehow found their way through the intakes and into the filter. You will have to change the filter entirely in such situations.

That is all you need to know for riding a UTV and going mudding. Remember that mudding is a dangerous off-road sport, so be very careful while driving on the rough and muddy terrain. Have a professional driver accompany you if it is your first time mudding or driving a UTV in such rough conditions. Here are some off-road trail ideas in New York. Enjoy the thrill, but do so responsibly.

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