Summer in New York: How to Prepare Your Mind, Body and Soul

Summer in New York
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Summer in New York is the stuff that dreams are made of – although being prepared for the heat and humidity in this most vibrant of cities is vital to make the most of your stay.

During the warmer months, NYC is alive with a myriad of outdoor events that run long into the night; there are city rooftop bars to relax in, too, as well as boat trips to enjoy. We’ve put together some tips below to help ensure your New York trip is the best it can be.

Turning Up the Heat

Summer in New York is hot! So prepare for the trip by getting into the habit of keeping your hydration levels high. Consider using a flask or water bottle that displays the daily recommended fluid intake, so that you can monitor how much you’ve drunk at any point in the day, and how much you have left to go.

Make sure you have plenty of cool, breathable clothes for your trip: light linens and layerable garments are a great idea to take you from day to night. A comfortable pair of trainers is crucial to keep your feet happy while you’re exploring the city – you’ll probably be putting a lot of miles under your belt.

There’s a lot of sunshine in NYC in the summer, so a quality pair of sunglasses with UV protection are vital: they needn’t break the bank, either: look online to browse a range of discount eyeglasses.

Lastly, don’t forget the sunscreen, in order to protect your skin from damage and ensure that your trip isn’t marred by getting burnt. The lobster look probably isn’t quite the New York style you’re wanting to embody…

Practical Items to Pack

There are a number of things to consider packing that will make your stay run smoothly.

A travel adapter for USA sockets is a great idea to bring along with you. If you run out of time to buy one before you leave, they are widely available at airports and hotel receptions in the city.

Have some dollars ready for your trip, including a supply of $1 notes, which are useful for tips. Credit cards are the standard mode of payment in NYC, so be sure to pack your card, and that it has available funds.

Your camera is essential, and remember to put a charging cable, and maybe a spare memory card, too, in your case.

Lastly, don’t forget any prescription medication you need to take, and perhaps a small supply of tissues and hand sanitizer.

Make a Vacation Plan

Mapping out a plan for your trip may appear to go against the grain of the spontaneous city break vibe, but doing so could help you squeeze every last ounce of value from your getaway.

In the days leading up to your holiday, write a list of the main things you want to see, or experiences you’d like to have. This could be sampling the delights of the outdoor food market in Williamsburg, climbing up to the observation deck of the Empire State Building, or visiting Governors’ Island. Whatever you want to see and do, jot it down.

Next, consult a map of NYC, and figure out, travel-wise, how to move between the places you want to go most efficiently. Look online for local travel information to help you plan your route.

Finally, put together a daily planner to create a complete itinerary for your trip. This is a fantastic practical tool to ensure your vacation is tailored exactly to your specifications…and will be great to look back on in the future as a reminder of your time away.

Fabulous Things to See and Do

The Empire State building is a world-renowned building and landmark, and is a ‘must-see’ attraction if you’re visiting NYC. Enjoy the view from the observation deck either early in the morning or in the evening to both avoid crowds and soak up some special city ambiance.

A visit to Times Square is another unmissable experience: plan your trip to take in the Square when night falls, to fully appreciate the lights and the buzz!

If you fancy an attraction that’s off the beaten track, try a visit to Fort Tryon Park to enjoy beautiful gardens and a stunning reassembled chapel complete with stained glass windows. Or consider a trip to Richmond Town to stroll over rolling farmland and see original 17th-century buildings. Take a tour of the Town by candlelight for a truly memorable experience.

New York City plays host to a range of outdoor festivals throughout the summer season. The Full Moon Festival features live music and DJ sets, and the NYC Poetry Festival on Governors’ Island are just two of the annual events on offer.

Savor a Slice of The Big Apple

The big city is exciting and dynamic all year round, but summer in New York turns the entire city into a pleasure ground, with festivals, markets, and outside events proliferating.

Prepare for your trip by building a personalized itinerary, packing with care, and ensuring that your body is nurtured, hydrated and ready for your vacation –  so that you’re ready to enjoy The Big Apple to the full, mind, body and soul.