A Short Guide to New York Nightlife

Guide to New York Nightlife

Are you looking for a fun-filled NYC nightclub to party all night, or maybe an exclusive private space for a friend or family come together? Look no further; we’ve selected the best hang out spots in and around the city for your convenience. You can choose one from the avant-garde and museum-inspired night clubs or the all-around event spaces, with the options below. Time to discover the New York Nightlife…   

Le Bain

If you’re the type that loves the good things in life and would party till the morning, this night club on the 18th floor of The Standard Hotel would be your best pick. Designed to take your clubbing experience to another new level, Le Bain features some of the most sophisticated design elements you won’t find anywhere else.

Everything in this night club is exclusively picked to match the occasion. For example, a hot-tub has been strategically placed in the middle of a dance floor for a “homey” feel. The darkly-lit indoors sets the perfect clubbing mood while the gorgeous rooftop is perfect for a lazy night as you enjoy a sip of Le Bain’s signature cocktails.

Bosa Nova Civic Club

From the name itself, you already know what to expect from Bosa Nova Civic. A chic-style- night club designed for the life-lovers. Everything here is magnificent, from the lavish interior design to its extravagant sound systems. Techno and Underground house DJs frequently make a scene here. You’ll hear incredible beats in this place. 

When it’s time to dance, party animals head to Bosa Nova. Nothing beats the sound, fun, and excitement that this clubbing haven has to offer. Drinks are also worth a mention. Besides the fantastic cocktails, you get to suit your taste from a vast selection of whiskeys, local and exotic wines. Once you step inside Bosa Nova, you have all the reasons to dance to the insane lineups from some of the best city DJs. 

New York Nightlife74WYTHE

74wythe is a popular multi-purpose event space in Brooklyn, New York, with a dining loft and courtyard to a multi-purpose rooftop. With its world-class amenities, this hospitality avenue features a spectacular 5,000-square-foot rooftop perfect for late-night cocktails as you enjoy the sweeping views of the adjacent Manhattan skyline. Depending on how you want to spend your night at the rooftop, you can choose to occupy any of the four sections: The Main Deck, East Deck, North Terrace, or Crow’s Nest.

Besides the rooftop, there’s a Greenroom that’s suitable as a corporate breakout or a private lounge. For those who would prefer a serene and theme-inspired hideout, Jbird Cocktails would serve the purpose. A wide selection of local drinks, whiskeys, and hand-picked wine collection is served here. Regardless of your late-night entertainment needs, you’re sure to fall in love with this event space.

The Blond 

Located at the 11 Howard Hotel, The Blond is a household name in the New York nightlife and clubbing scene – thanks to the unique setting making it stand out from competitors. With a dark, lavish, calm, and sleek design, this club offers impeccable services, from excellent cocktails to outstanding live performances.

If you’re looking for a place to stop by in your next New York trip, you would probably consider this club for its excellent services and tasty bites from their in-house chefs. You would need to book an appointment on specific days during the high-traffic seasons, especially if you’re to show up past 11 pm. This club also hosts some of the hyper-class locals, and if you’re looking to make friends, dress to impress!

Time To Discover The New York Nightlife

If you are looking for the perfect night out in the city, you want to state your expectations and choose a place that best suits your entertainment needs. For a fun-filled, dancing spree, Bosa Nova Civic should top your priority list. If you’re more mysterious and would love a peaceful yet entertaining multi-purpose spot, 74wythe would make a perfect pick.

With the many night scenes in the city, choosing a hangout spot can be a daunting experience. We have narrowed down the options, so it becomes easy for you to make a decision. Feel free to choose one that best matches your unique taste.

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