Six Flags Great Adventure is the biggest theme park near New York City. With rides ranging from the family friendly Big Wheel and Buccaneer to the extremely daring selection of sky-high roller coasters, entertainment that pleases the eyes of many, not to mention animal attractions and conservation programs, Six Flags Great Adventure has something to offer for people of all age groups. Bring out your inner daredevil and try to survive the likes of the infamous Kingda Ka or El Toro coasters. Or perhaps you’d rather take a safer approach by greeting a variety of Bengal and Siberian tigers in the park’s Tigris Asiana reserve. Whether it be for a simple weekend getaway excursion with your children or a fun-filled day for making memories with your friends, New Jersey’s entertainment flagship will have you covered. 

Rollercoaster Ride

Even for carless New Yorkers, Six Flags Great Adventure is reachable by bus service from the Big Apple. NJ Transit offers service through the 308 Express Bus. Travelers can either hop on the bus from Port Authority, or take an Amtrak or NJ Transit train to Newark Penn Station from New York Penn Station and board the bus there, should they want to avoid the heavy traffic in the Holland Tunnel. Train service from New York to Newark takes under 20 minutes by NJ Transit.

Round trip bus fares for the 308 to Six Flags are normally $38 for adults and $17.40 for children from Port Authority, and $27.50 for adults and $12.50 for children from Newark. Travelers can also purchase a Theme Park package fare for $80.50 for adults and $59.90 for children from Port Authority, or $70.00 for adults and $55.00 for children from Newark. Only Six Flags Great Adventure tickets are accepted on the bus, with Family SuperSaver fares, monthly and student passes, 10-trip tickets and other ticket types not accepted.

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