Summer Steals: The Montauk Rummage Sale


What: Montauk Rummage Sale

When: Saturdays, 9:00am-12pm

Where: Community Church, Montauk, NY

Why: In a town known for its enclave of Bohemian artists and salty fisherman, you’ll be sure to find an abundance of intriguing castoffs at the rummage sale. Hosted every weekend from Memorial to Labor Day by volunteers of the Community Church, the rummage sale has become a Saturday staple. If the waves are flat, hit the sale. If the sky is gray, hit the sale—and make sure you go early to get first pick.

The overflow of goods starts on the front lawn where you’ll find furniture, sporting equipment, and enough baskets to satisfy the Easter Bunny. Make your way inside where the wares are divided into separate rooms: dishes, jewelry, games, and books to the right, women’s clothing straight ahead, and children, men’s, and linens to the left. But don’t neglect the hallway, which is lined with artwork.

The rummage sale takes cash only (a crisp $20 should be more than enough) and each room requires that you bag your finds and pay separately. Bring your own reusable bag or be saddled with a plastic one. Take your time sorting through it all—authentic-vintage Montauk t-shirts pictured above far beat out the faux ones at J.Crew ($2 each)—and you’re guaranteed to leave feeling like a pirate who’s just pillaged the high seas.

How to Get There: Montauk is easily accessible by rail and road. The Long Island Railroad offers daily trains to and from Penn Station. Check out for a full schedule. If you bring your bike, check out our article on Montauk bike rides. Two tips: be prepared for crowds on the weekend and pack a sweatshirt for the relentless aircon. The Hampton Jitney also offers daily service to the east end and departs from various locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Check out or a full schedule and be sure to make a reservation. The Community Church is located just east of town on Montauk Hwy 27, easily within walking distance.

(850 Montauk Hwy, Montauk, NY 11954, 631.668.2022,