oM attended the press party Thursday night to kick off this weekend’s Northside Music and Arts Festival. It’s the first festival of its kind sponsored by The L Magazine, and is exclusive to the fantabulous venues and galleries of Williamsburg and Greenpoint. While sipping cold Heineken lager in the press lounge, we chatted up bloggers, writers, photographers, musicians, and band mates. Here’s what they had to say:

Matra BraithwaiteBlogger, Fashion Photographer at
“Williamsburg is an exciting place. This festival is like a love session between residents and musical artists. There are great things coming out of these neighborhoods and it’s an amazing experience to be a part of it.”
Here to see: The Hold Steady, Sunset Rubdown, Drinkup Buttercup

Maryanne VentriceIndie Rock Photographer
“I live in Brooklyn, but nowhere near hear. I’m familiar with a lot of the bands at the festival and I’m supportive of indie music. The festival is twofold; it allows bands to get to know one another and for people to see who you may not ordinarily see.”
Here To See: A slew of artists including The Hold Steady and curated shows by Ant Farm & Brooklyn Vegan.

“This is a larger promotional vehicle for bands and it attracts more people. The list is daunting so I’m following Maryanne.”
Here to See: Everything Maryanne’s seeing

Charles PoladianWriter for
“The close proximity of all these venues makes for a very vibrant scene. It’s lively and I’m glad for the diversity of acts and the fact that things are running early and late!”
Here To See: The Hold Steady, Sunset Rubdown

With three more days left and the buzz officially in the air, get thee to the Northside. See our Northside Festival event announcement for more details.

Photos: Courtesy of Charles Poladian from TheMusic.FM



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