The Food Experiments’ Top Home Chefs Spill the Boozy Beans

Ashley Sobeck and her boyfriend

Four days ago, the Brooklyn Booze Experiment rolled into the Bell House for a culinary cook-off with a spirited twist. Home chefs thrilled the audience with booze-inspired dishes that included Bourbon Braised Short Rib, Pork Pops with Rye Whiskey Sauce, and Pecan Pie with Vanilla Bourbon Ice Cream. offManhattan was there to interview four talented female chefs about their favorite places to drink and eat when they aren’t busy in the kitchen.

And for your own cooking-while-intoxicated pleasure, we also managed to finagle two of the winning recipes just for you (shhh, don’t tell!). If you missed the event, The Food Experiments is about to kick off a Brooklyn Brewery-sponsored national tour with stops in Austin, New Orleans, DC, Philly, Boston, and a finale in Brooklyn. “It’s great to be able to promote the home chef, the architects and lawyers who pour soul into their dishes,” said co-host Nick Suarez. “We’ll be supporting and bringing locals together in each community we visit. One of the awards in Austin is a pork party for 10 people.”

The Recipes

Brooklyn Booze Experiment Desserts

Roopa’s Old Fashioned Donuts

Roopa's Drunken Donuts

Andrew’s Bourbon Soaked Cherries
Chocolate Bread Pudding

Bourbon Soaked Cherries Chocolate Bread Pudding

The Home Chef: Ashley Sobeck
What She Drunkingly Cooked: Ole McMole Mexican Beer Braised Chicken “Tacos” Topped with a Guinness-Spiked Mole Sauce
Where She Drinks (and Eats): PJ Finnegan’s in Westwood, New Jersey is a great neighborhood pub that occasionally has bagpipers. They have the best Guinness pour on the planet; it has a Shamrock on top. The Red Reuben is to die for.”

The Home Chef: Roopa Kalyanaraman Marcello (1st prize, judges award)
What She Drunkingly Cooked: Donuts
Where She Drinks (and Eats): “I’m a fan of the Buttermilk Channel’s dedicated vegetarian menu. Instead of fried chicken they do fried mushrooms with Brussels sprouts on waffles. It’s delicious. I love Dirt Candy in the East Village. They have the best vegetarian dishes and I love that each one focuses on a single ingredient.  If the dish is based on corn, it’s featured in a variety of ways, not just as one component of the dish.  The place will convert carnivores. I also love Chestnut in Brooklyn. I had my wedding rehearsal there.”

The Home Chef: Maria
What She Drunkingly Cooked:
Irish Soda Bread and Rum-soaked Raisins
Where She Drinks (and Eats): “When I lived in Park Slope, I loved to go to O’Connor’s, which sadly I hear is losing its dive bar charms. The 4th Avenue pub in Boerum Hill has a fun outdoor space, big draft selection. It’s dog-friendly and there’s free popcorn. Now I live in Washington D.C., and there’s a phenomenal bar that just opened up called St Arnold’s on Jefferson. The owners, Mark and Paul, also bar tend, which is rare to see. Order the Belgian waffles and mussels. So good. I can’t believe I just told you about this place.”

The Home Chef: Sabrina Mossberg (1st prize, audience award)
What She Drunkingly Cooked:
Bourbon braised short rib with crispy roasted kale chips and pickled watermelon rinds
Where She Drinks (and Eats): “I love the Frying Pan in Manhattan. And in this borough, The Brooklyn Inn, Building on Bond, Luckydog, Matchless, and Enid’s are the best bars all around.”