Reading is More Fun With Pictures: The NJ Comic Book Show

If you watch Heroes with the fanatic glee of a teenager every Monday night or will be at the theaters on March 6 when Watchmen opens, keep reading. New Jersey’s oldest running comic book show is back this month with an expansive and rare collection that includes Batman, Spiderman, American Splendor, Ghost World, and Perspolis. (Although we bet you didn’t know that less than half of the comic books out there are about superheroes, which means there’s room for indie graphic novels too.) Whether you missed Comic-Con at the Javits, hope to make money on an old crate of comics you just found in the attic, or simply want to learn more about this stuff, the NJ Comic Book Show is your domain.

The place is always packed with enough graphic novels, action figures, t-shirts, collector’s items, and professionals to enlighten even the most discerning buff. In addition to enjoying a “no-minimum-bid” auction, kids and adults can browse over 250,000 comic books and graphic novels that range from bargain box 50 cent “readers” to precious issues worth thousands.

Pug Productions, the host and organizer of the NJ Comic Book Show on March 8, also arranges another monthly event in East Hanover, NJ, where comic book dealers, publishers, and comic book art can be found. For a complete listing of all their shows and upcoming events that include writing workshops this spring, visit May the force be with you.

Cost: Free admission

How to get there: Take a 40 minuted ride on the 190 bus from Port Authority, which stops at the door of Clifton Community Recreation Center, 1232 Main Ave, Clifton 07011. Free Admission, 10AM-4PM.

Photo: Courtesy of aydingol