Up in the Air: The Longest Zipline Tour in North America

Editor’s note: Since this piece was published in 2010, the New York Zipline has been surpassed in length by Whistler’s Sasquatch coming in at over 2 kilometers!

For thrill-seekers, adrenaline junkies, and anyone who envies birds for their ability to fly, there is a new opportunity for you to soar at high speeds among the tree tops just two hours from NYC. In 2010, New York Zipline Adventures opened the longest zipline operation in North America at the popular winter ski destination of Hunter Mountain. Three courses are available for the zipping throughout the Catskills’ forest canopy, over streams, waterfalls, and wildlife on a 1/2-inch steel cable.

This newest attraction at Hunter Mountain allows visitors to live out any Me-Tarzan-You-Jane or Avatar-inspired ambitions while enjoying stunning views across six different ziplines, four sky bridges, and one awesome rappel. The third tour is the longest and highest zipline canopy tour in North America, featuring ziplines almost 600’ above the forest floor and over 3000’ in length. Guests can also experience the Mid-Mountain Tour, which lasts approximately two hours, and is led by professionally trained guides. You can “zip” from tree to tree, landing in specially built platforms high up in the canopy. (If you have never ziplined before, this type of tour is a great place to start.) The Adventure Tower is another exhilarating activity that challenges participants to make it to the top of a 60’ tower by climbing, crawling and balancing their way through a series of cargo nets, rope bridges, and other obstacles that will test ones nerves while potentially helping overcome any fear of heights.

The company behind New York Zipline Adventures operates several world class tours in places like New Hampshire and Jamaica, but the collection of adventures at Hunter Mountain is poised to be their best yet. As one zipliner said on opening day, “This is truly awesome. It’s an adventure of a lifetime!”

How to get there: Visit Hunter Mountain’s Bus Lines page for specific information on various other pick-up and drop-off points in New York City. If you have rented a hybrid in NY, check out the driving directions page. (Hunter Mountain, Rt. 23A west, 800.486.8376, ext. 2200, huntermtn.com, @huntermtn)

Hunter Mountain offers a variety of other summer activities including hiking, camping, a Skyride, and a number of festivals throughout the year. Go to HunterMtn.com for more info on summer & fall festivals like the German Alps Festival, August 14 & 15, the Int’l Celtic Festival, August 21 & 22, the Microbrew & Wine Festival, September 25 & 26, Oktoberfest I & Colors in the Catskills Motorcycle Rally, October 2 & 3, and Oktoberfest II, October 9 & 10.

Photo: Courtesy of NY Zipline Adventures.