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Lauren Matison, Editor Lauren Matison Crossley | Co-Founder / Editor
Born in Manhattan, Lauren grew up in Los Angeles and lived for a brief time in Paris, Rome, and London before moving to New York. Lauren currently contributes to Bicycling Magazine, Lonely Planet, Budget Travel, Men’s Journal, Travel + Leisure, and Outside Magazine, and writes “The Spin Off” column at Lauren has worked for Los Angeles Magazine, CNN, Hearst, BizBash, Cosmopolitan,,, and has been featured in travel segments for NBC’s Today in NY show. Lauren’s favorite mode of transit is her Specialized Dolce. Catch Lauren hosting travel seminars at The New York Times Travel Show and New York Travel Fest. If you have questions or want to go for a bike ride, please email
Vincent Crossley Vincent Crossley | Co-Founder / Web Director
Vincent spends long hours developing this site, and hopes you enjoy his handiwork. In addition to web development, he is an avid photographer and loves discovering new places to bike and surf. Vince was born in Paris, lived in London, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Rhode Island, and now resides in the heart of Manhattan, taking every chance he gets to explore off the island. Vince graduated from Lehigh University with degrees in Design and Mechanical Engineering, and continued with a graduate degree at Carnegie Mellon University. Vince most recently worked as a Product Manager at IAC and Amazon, and recently received an MBA at Columbia University. He is also co-founder of TheTake, a new app that lets you buy things you see in movies.
Amanda Coen Amanda Coen, originally from the Finger Lakes Region of upstate New York, soon found herself bouncing around the globe, from the Philippines to Australia to Brazil and beyond. Amanda majored in International Studies and Studio Art at Macalester College, taking a particular interest in photography, anthropology and writing. She spent a semester in Portugal and then went to live in Madrid for two years upon graduating from college. She contributed photographs and articles to InMadrid and eventually became the theater and dance editor for the paper. She hopes that her photography, writing and lifestyle can inspire others to lead a more inclusive life and not be afraid of the unknown. Check out her website at
Jaclyn Einis Jaclyn Einis is a freelance writer with a chronic case of wanderlust. She feels at home in her native Boston, non-native Brooklyn and ice cream shops everywhere. Torn between the city and the country, she feels a little less confused in parks and farmers markets. She grew up in Boston and has lived in Philadelphia, Melbourne and as a vagabond farmer in Italy, with lots of stops between. You can read about her travels past (while she plots travels future) at Freckled Farmer.
Carly Pifer Carly Pifer is a freelance writer who has been known to follow whims inspired by romantic movie scenes or colorful street style shots to India, Japan, Tunisia and Argentina. After stints living in Seoul, Boston, Paris and Los Angeles, writing and searching for something intangible, she landed somewhat steadily in Brooklyn and has begun to find inspiration in her more immediate surroundings (and also the permanence of her bookshelf). She writes about fashion for Refinery29 and has been known to pack an outfit per day on backpacking trips. Please visit her website to read her travel diaries and other writing on the web
Joanna Prisco Formerly the food editor for PARADE magazine, Joanna Prisco is a food and travel writer based out of Brooklyn, NY. Her writing has appeared in The Boston Globe, ABC, Capital NY, Cool Hunting, Every Day With Rachael Ray, Fathom, Food Republic, Flaunt, Gather Journal, The New York Post, Nylon, Surface, and Zink, among other publications. When it comes to eating on vacation, she just can’t help herself. Also find her at
Born on the shores of Rhode Island, Kari Molvar lived on the island of Manhattan for years before recently moving to Philadelphia. She’s been an editor at Allure and Self, and written for ELLE, Travel + Leisure, In Style, Forbes, and Kari graduated from Brown University, where she studied art history and urban studies, and further cemented her love for the city of Providence. Her favorite form of transportation is her Nike running shoes, which have carried her over many miles near and far from home.
Emily Olson Emily Frances is a documentary photographer and teaching artist based out of Queens, NY. She has been published by University of Chicago Press, American Express, and Philadelphia Magazine. She is an avid biker and traveler that never leaves home without a camera.
suzannerusso Suzanne Russo | Senior Writer
Suzanne is a California girl who always wanted to live in New York City. She grew up in San Francisco, studied English and History at U.C. Santa Barbara, and recently completed her MA in English at NYU. When the travel bug bites, Suzanne is known to do such crazy things as spend a month driving around the country in a Saturn named “The Squirrel” and make pilgrimages to famous festivals from Mardi Gras to Oktoberfest. She has traveled throughout Europe, Argentina, and Peru. Suzanne spends much of her time of late exploring the East Coast. She’s been working as a travel writer for the past two years and her writing has appeared in V!VA Travel Guides,, Brides Magazine, and
Elizabeth Rose spent her early years in Tennessee, Florida and Virginia and attended school at the University of Virginia.  Shortly after graduation, she moved to New York City where she held various positions in the fashion and media industries before deciding to become a writer. Elizabeth has written for The Daily, Let’s Go Travel and 52 Perfect Days among other publications. She has traveled extensively throughout Europe and volunteered in rural France through the World Wide Organization of Organic Farmers. When Elizabeth is not traveling or day dreaming about traveling, she’s usually reading, writing or conducting research for her masters thesis.
Rob Scher Rob Scher is a South African graduate student in the Cultural Reporting and Criticism program at NYU’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute. He lists among his proudest travel accomplishments: catching a cashew nut in his mouth, tossed by a Tuareg prince on the banks of the Niger River, beside Timbuktu; performing an interpretive dance to a roomful of wide-eyed inhabitants of a North Thailand hill tribe; and briefly, by some strange turn of luck, running a beach bar on the idyllic sands of Máncora, Peru. You can read more about these and other tales at
Silvie Snow-Thomas is a semi-reformed Bostonian (but never a Yankee fan) who loves champagne, birthday cake, fútbol, traipsing through cherry blossoms, Christmas, and moonlighting as a writer. With the belief that travels with great friends are twice as nice, she’s realized that her upcoming adventures could take her around the world in 80 days, or up to Harlem on the subway to see the Little Red Lighthouse under the Great Gray Bridge. Silvie aspires to kiss the pitch at Old Trafford, practice yoga on a hillside in Risikesh, chill with Bill Bryson in Florence, and swim in the Wild Ocean off the coast of South Africa. When she’s not wandering somewhere, snapping photos and running from camera-shy hipsters in the outer boroughs and beyond, you’ll find Silvie on her way back to the places she loves most—Wellfleet, Cambridge, Santorini, and Manhattan.
Brendan Spiegel Brendan Spiegel is a Manhattan native who had to travel the world for quite some time before realizing his heart belonged to New York (and that there was a whole ‘nother, cooler New York called Brooklyn). Travel writing has taken him from Oakland to India and his articles have appeared in The New York Times, Budget Travel, New York Magazine and Travel + Leisure, among other publications. Ninety percent of his travel time is spent scouting out local food endeavors, which are chronicled at Endless Simmer.
Peter Sterling Peter Sterling is a San Francisco-based writer, editor and aspiring painter. Born in Maine, he studied English at Connecticut College before traveling and farming (and eating) in Italy, with stints in New York and Brooklyn in between. Peter has maintained “the wall” at the New Yorker, taught history on an island, peddled lobster rolls at the New Amsterdam market, helped build an urban farm in Berkeley and is now enjoying the hidden running trails of Golden Gate park and Sutro reserve. Visit his website at
allison tibaldi Allison Tibaldi | Senior Writer
Alison is a native New Yorker, who has lived in Rome, Tuscany, Melbourne, Toronto and Los Angeles. She frequently contributes travel pieces to Family Travel Forum, using her own children as guinea pigs as they travel the globe. She is fluent in Italian and Spanish and laughably adequate in French. Her background as an Early Childhood Educator gives her an added understanding of what it takes to travel with kids in tow. She firmly believes that the most important part of education takes place outside of the classroom, on the road, around the world. She never misses a chance to sample local delicacies, as her love for travel goes hand-in-hand with her love for food and wine.