It’s secret to no one that travel is fun and educational. But it’s also the ultimate form of retreat that works perfectly for people with stressful lives and busy schedules. In the past, we covered some of the best Yoga retreats near NYC. In this post, we focus on some of the top destinations for spiritual travel in the U.S. By connecting with the spiritual, you learn how to let go and look at the bigger picture, beyond the regular daily stuff. Sounds like something you’d be interested in? Then let’s explore a few perfect destinations for spiritual travel across the U.S.

#1 Sedona, Arizona

Sedona, with its magnificent red rocks and vortexes, is one of the most visually stunning places not only in the U.S. but the entire world. It’s the number one destination that professional psychics on the Nebula website recommend to people looking for a spiritual experience. If that’s something you’re into, a psychic reading will help you decide what kind of landscape and experiences your soul craves at the moment.

But you can’t go wrong with Sedona. If you’re looking for a place that combines jaw-dropping natural beauty with a high-vibe spiritual atmosphere, Sedona is your go-to spot. Just being surrounded by those iconic red rocks and desert vistas makes you feel like you’re in an otherworldly realm. The energy in Sedona is said to be intensified by vortexes—specific locations where the Earth’s energy is incredibly potent.

People from all over the world flock to Sedona for spiritual retreats, yoga getaways, and energy healing sessions; it’s a true New Age hub. Whether you’re hiking up to Cathedral Rock to meditate or getting your chakras aligned in one of the many spiritual centers in the area, Sedona offers a spiritual experience that’s as enriching as it is Instagram-worthy.

#2 Big Sur, California

Big Sur is California’s crown jewel when it comes to both natural grandeur and spiritual profundity. It’s as breathtaking as it is spiritually rejuvenating. The rugged coastline offers an awe-inspiring backdrop for anyone looking to escape the hustle and bustle and connect with something greater.

From its redwood forests to its isolated beaches, Big Sur offers a lot of sacred spaces for contemplation and renewal, which makes it a heaven for soul-searchers. Promise, meditating there is unlike anywhere else in the world. So if you’re looking for the ultimate spiritual destination, definitely consider Big Sur as one of the options.

#3 Mount Shasta, California

There’s something inherently mystical about mountains, and Mount Shasta is no exception. Considered by many as one of the seven sacred mountains of the world, it’s a hotspot for spiritual seekers and nature lovers alike. Legend has it that Mount Shasta is home to an ancient, hidden city called Telos, adding an air of enchantment to the landscape. 

It’s a fantastic place for metaphysical experiences as well as for everyone who is simply looking for alpine solitude. Whether you’re drawn by the allure of spiritual exploration or the stunning vistas of this snow-capped beauty, Mount Shasta offers a unique blend of natural beauty and mysticism that’s bound to leave a lasting impression.

#4 Taos, New Mexico

Taos, New Mexico, represents a rich blend of Native American and Hispanic cultures, which reinforces its potential as a spiritual destination. But even if you’re just into beautiful landscapes, Taos still has a lot to offer. It’s a high-desert haven where you can escape the overwhelmingly fast pace of big cities and enjoy the eternal.

Artists and free spirits have been drawn to Taos for decades, and it’s not hard to see why. From its Pueblo architecture to its vibrant arts scene, the town offers a serene yet creatively stimulating environment. Add the Sangre de Cristo Mountains in the backdrop—and you get a dream destination for any spiritual wanderer.

#5 St. Augustine, Florida

At first glance, America’s oldest city, St. Augustine, is more about history than spirituality. But that’s not entirely correct; St. Augustine does have a lot to offer as a spiritual travel destination. Known for its Spanish architecture and sun-soaked beaches, it has a different kind of spirituality—one that’s rooted in history and maritime mystique. 

The cobblestone streets and ancient oaks draped in Spanish moss create an atmosphere that transports you back in time, inviting quiet reflection and contemplation. Even with no preparation and without a guide, St. Augustine is a truly refreshing destination for those looking to enrich their spirit and mind. Its historic charm and tranquil beauty provide a serene backdrop for inner exploration and a profound connection to the past.

#6 Lily Dale, New York

By the way, if you’re into mediums and spiritualists, then Lily Dale belongs on your to-visit list as well. Nestled in upstate New York, Lily Dale is actually a gated community filled with certified mediums and a summer season packed with workshops, clairvoyant demonstrations, and healing services. It’s a perfect choice if you want spirituality to be the main focus of your vacation.

Ask one of the Lily Dale enthusiasts what’s so special about it—and they’ll tell you that It’s a unique U.S. destination where the veil between this world and the next is as thin as it gets. So even if you aren’t a newbie when it comes to spiritual travel, a visit to Lily Dale will benefit your ability to connect with the metaphysical.

#7 Aspen, Colorado

Aspen might be known for its swanky ski resorts, but what few people know is that it’s also an exceptional place for a spiritual recharge. The Rocky Mountain setting provides a picturesque backdrop for all kinds of soul-nourishing activities, from hiking to forest bathing. Meditating there is on another level—just try it.

At the same time, Aspen has a lot of non-spiritual activities as well, including music festivals and art galleries (on top of winter sports, obviously). So if you’re new to spiritual travel and don’t want it to be the sole focus of your getaway, Aspen is exactly what you’re looking for.

To conclude…

In a world filled with bustling cities and fast-paced living, these spiritual destinations across the U.S. offer a unique opportunity to escape, reflect, and rejuvenate your spirit. Each place, from the mystical allure of Sedona and the awe-inspiring grandeur of Big Sur to the mystical Mount Shasta and culturally rich Taos, beckons travelers with a promise of deep inner exploration and reconnection with something greater. St. Augustine, steeped in history and maritime mystique, takes you on a journey back in time, offering a tranquil backdrop for reflection.

Meanwhile, Lily Dale, with its thin veil between worlds, is a haven for those seeking metaphysical experiences, and Aspen, renowned for its ski resorts, provides a picturesque mountain setting for both spiritual and non-spiritual activities. Whether you’re a seasoned spiritual traveler or a newcomer to the practice, these destinations offer a unique blend of beauty, serenity, and cultural richness to nourish your soul. So, pack your bags, embark on a journey of the spirit, and let these remarkable places inspire your inner exploration.