Whether thinking ahead to your summer vacation or an upcoming weekend away, lessening your carbon footprint is crucial to aid the planet while on your adventures. Luckily technology can help!

Sometimes knowing where to begin can be baffling. We’re accustomed to recycling at home and installing energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances. But what can you do on your travels?

It turns out you can do quite a bit, and these five top tips will see you on your way to a greener vacation!

1. Portable Generators 

If your vacation is a road trip, consider a solar generator to supply your devices with the necessary power. Whether to top up a phone battery or power camping appliances like a small grill, solar generators are a fantastic solution. They’re cleaner alternatives to using gas or running your car battery.

With portable solar panels, you can bring your solar energy wherever you go and make the most of the sun’s power. A solar-powered generator lets you stay in touch with the world with a guilt-free, green conscious!

2. Avoid Flights

Jet engines produce masses of CO2 and a range of other harmful chemicals. The more flights that occur, the more pollution is emitted. Knowing how you impact the environment is essential, so use your flight company’s carbon calculators on their website. 

Do remember that while well-intentioned, it’s essential to understand that carbon calculators are unreliable and will likely show your carbon footprint to be 60% less than it is. With this in mind, if you can avoid flying, do!

Watch this video by the BBC News to learn more about how to do that:


3. Make Public Transport Your Friend 

Building on the previous point, you can also choose greener travel options when you reach your destination. Wherever you go, there are sure to be greener travel methods than renting a car or taxi. Often the amount of money you spend on public transport will be less than that spent hiring a vehicle, so you’ll be helping the planet and saving extra dollars (that can be spent on fun vacation activities).

So why not rent a bike to explore the local area? Then when you want to venture further afield, you can look at buses or trains, reducing CO2 emissions by 45%.

4. Visit Sustainable Hotels

There’s an app for everything, and that includes sustainable accommodations. Apps like Glooby help you plan your trip by showcasing the most sustainable flights and environmentally-friendly hotels!

Glooby prides itself on being transparent with the environmental stamps of all the hotels listed on its website and app so you can take your green conscious and make it a clear one on your next vacation. 

Watch this video to learn more about Eco-friendly hotels:


5. Eat Greens

You don’t just have to live and travel green—now you can eat green to reduce your “foodprint.” If you eat less meat, you reduce tCO2 emissions from livestock and meat production.

Apps like Happy Cow locate plant-based restaurants to dine out on vacation without a guilty conscience. The added benefit is that the restaurants listed are near you, so there’s no need to travel miles to find yummy, sustainable dishes. 

Final Thoughts

We can all do our part for a happier planet, and using these tips, you can do so while enjoying a greener vacation!

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