Taking your jewelry with you on your travels sounds scary, but there are nations where crime is scarce and tourists can sport expensive items without worrying too much.

Here are just 10 countries that fit this description, and are therefore worth considering for your next long-distance trip.

Switzerland: A Land of Peace, Proximity, and Security

Traveling to Switzerland is a safe choice for women who own jewelry. This country is renowned for its peace, excellent infrastructure and proximity to many other European countries worth visiting.

Swiss police are well-equipped and highly trained in protecting travelers from potential risks. Additionally, the low crime rate gives you peace of mind while enjoying the beauty of this stunning Alpine nation.

Sweden: Unmatched Standards of Safety and Wellbeing

This Scandinavian country has some of the highest safety standards in the world. With its low crime rate, advanced security measures, and strict laws protecting travelers, you can rest assured that your jewelry will remain safe throughout your journey. It’s not only one of the best places to visit but also to live and work.

Safest Countries for Women
Sweden. Photo by Julia Caesar on Unsplash.com

Canada: A Safe Haven for Women Travelers

If you are looking for a safe destination to take your jewelry, Canada should be close to the top of your list. Canadian authorities have put in place strict security measures to ensure travelers’ safety, and crime levels remain low nationwide.

Australia: A Paradise with Above-Average Security Measures

Australia is a paradise for women travelers, whether or not you’ve got gems in tow. The country boasts an impressive security infrastructure and a good record on crime, so you’ll feel at home from the moment you set foot on Australian soil.

Germany: World-Class Protection for Your Precious Jewels

When it comes to safety, Germany is definitely able to match and even beat other developed nations. It’s often stereotyped for its efficiency and its adherence to rules and regulations, but where security is concerned it really rings true.

Germany is also well known for its Gold working and is home to some of the best fine jewelry manufacturers like Bucherer or Wempe. So if you’re a fan of beautiful jewelry pieces, you can even get some while traveling in Germany, or you can get them at Diamondere, then book a trip to your next safe destination with confidence.

Singapore: An Urban Gem With Impeccable Safety Regulations

This bustling city-state has some of the most advanced safety and anti-crime regulations in Asia, making it an ideal place to explore while keeping your precious jewels safe. It’s also an amazingly modern metropolis which is worth experiencing if you’ve never been before.

Safest Countries for Women Traveling
Singapore. Photo by Swapnil Bapat on Unsplash.com

New Zealand: The Best Kept Secret For Safe Travelling

New Zealand is a hidden gem for women travelers with jewelry. This stunning island nation is serious about uprooting crime, and about catering to the needs of the huge numbers of travelers that visit each year, so you’re in good hands.

Japan: High Tech Solutions to Keep You Out Of Harm’s Way

Japan is known for its love affair with technology, so it’s no surprise to find that many cutting edge security solutions, such as facial recognition, are used to ensure that your valuables remain safe while you explore this vibrant country.

Norway: Home To The Highest Level Of Gender Equality On Earth

Norway is often celebrated for boasting some of the world’s highest standards of safety and wellbeing. The locals are friendly and welcoming, and the nation’s impressive record on gender equality is also good news for women traveling there.

South Korea: Dazzling And Delightfully Safe

Last but not least, South Korea is another example of an Asian country which doesn’t do things by halves when security is concerned. Your valuable items are at little risk of being taken from you when you vacation on this peninsula.