Having your vacation plans thwarted by rain is pretty disappointing. Especially if you’re in what they call the “Sunshine State.” That’s overly frustrating! 

Don’t fret, don’t let any rain spoil your “funtivities” in Florida. Scratch your tour schedule, and read on!

Some Activities To Have Fun In Florida Even When It’s Raining Non-Stop

1. Culture Enrichment At The Florida Museum Of Natural History

The rains can’t stop you from going back in time and exploring the natural history of Florida. Whether you’re a constituent or a tourist, there’s much to explore in this museum. It’s within the compounds of the University Of Florida in Gainesville. It’s one of the attractions in the area that’s open year-round, rain or shine.

Be cautious, though, because the traffic mixed with the rains may get you in traffic jams, or worse, accidents. Though it’s not that tough to look for and talk to a car accident lawyer while in Gainesville FL, for example, it’s still best to be safe on the road. It’s depressing to further ruin your activities with injuries, damages, and legal issues, aside from the rains.

So, enjoy where curiosity takes you. Join the many people who also find it rewarding to have visited this culture-rich museum because they thought the rain wasted their journey to Florida.

2. Automobile Hopping At Deezerland Park

Florida boasts of so many attractions that people worldwide make it one of their permanent getaway locations. There are many fun activities to indulge in, even on rainy days in Florida. 

You can feast your eyes on more than two thousand automobiles at Deezerland Park in Orlando, Florida. It’s a 23,000-square-meter-attraction in Miami, Florida. 

If you’re not up to lounging on the beach on a rainy day, you’re most welcome to fulfill your adventurous spirit at this huge recreation center. Experience the virtual reality park, the fantastic Karting tracks, Miami Arcade, and many more.

You can’t wait for another rainy day to visit this phenomenal park’s attractions.

3. Art Appreciation At The Ringling Museum

You’re sure to forget that it’s a rainy day in Florida once inside the Ringlings. The museum has 21 galleries where visitors can view European artworks and priced antiquities from Cyprus. There’s also a massive collection of American and Asian modern art, including some contemporary art pieces worldwide. 

The museum’s art collection is currently made up of more than 10,000 individual pieces. These pieces span periods from ancient times to the present, coming from all corners of the globe. They include various paintings, sculptures, drawings, prints, photographs, and decorative arts. 

The circus museum at the Ringlings will give you heart-stopping performances. The daring circus artists launched through the air by cannon, the parade of wagons, the glittering costumes, to the fully restored private railcar owned by the Ringling family were all highlights of the event.

At the same time, you’ll surely stand in awe at the 44,000-piece Howard Bros. Circus Model. It celebrates the entertainment that has captivated generations of Americans across the United States every performance day.

Art study and circus performance appreciation are combinations that will get you spellbound and make you wish it’s always rainy when you visit Florida.

4. Underwater Attractions At Florida Aquarium

It may be rainy, but you can still explore underwater in Florida. Pack your gear (it’s okay if you don’t have them) and head to Florida Aquarium in Tampa. You’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time in the water, along with the thousands of species of creatures and plants there, including sharks, alligators, and seahorses, endangered and rare species.

The Florida Aquarium is consistently ranked as one of the most famous aquariums in the U.S. It welcomes guests to experience a diverse collection of aquatic and terrestrial animals, for real! It’s fun to swim with the dolphins and other friendly ocean species. But how would you feel if the sharks and other extraordinary sea creatures with sharp teeth were swimming with you?

That’s the Tampa Aquarium for you. Each visit and experience aims to raise awareness and motivate people to take action and help conserve nature’s bounty, such as sea turtles, sharks, lemurs, otters, and other endangered species.

There’s more reason to get wet at this aquarium than just being soaked by the rains in Florida.

Watch this to get a glimpse of what awaits you:


5. Outer Space Experience At Kennedy Space Center

If it’s raining in Florida, hop in and ride the launch to outer space! Can you handle the experience? 

The Kennedy Space Center is located in Titusville, only a short drive from Orlando. It provides history buffs with as much information about space exploration as they can possibly handle. 

You will only be able to discover something incomparable to the interactive experiences available here. Explore the center of this historically significant site to locate items related to space flight and gain insight into the exciting world of space exploration.

Visit the Exploration Space. It’s sure to serve as a source of motivation for the rest of your life. You can also watch the IMAX film Hubble 3D, which will put you in the same room as spacewalking astronauts.

Outerspace walking is better and more thrilling than walking on the rainy streets of Florida on your exploration day.

6. Golfing With Monsters At Monster Mini Golf

Coming to Florida on rainy and overcast skies might also shadow your mood. Lift your spirits with a visit to Monster Mini Golf in Coral Springs for a glow-in-the-dark epic journey. You can always play golf on a rainy Florida day!

The golf course includes a monster-themed 18-hole golf course. It’s the perfect activity for a day with overcast skies. This is an excellent destination for families, as it caters to children of all ages and features well-known characters such as Dracula and Frankenstein.

After you’ve put around the golf course, you can gush over more attractions. The venue also hosts many arcade games. It’s a fun-filled day to find old and new favorites with new technology and cherished classics, such as Fruit Ninja, Skee Ball, Wheel of Fortune, and Glow Air Hockey. 

You may also put your ninja skills to the test by participating in a Laser Maze Challenge. In this activity, you’ll have a non-stop race against time as you make your way through a maze of laser beams.

In Sum

It’s never a bad day during rainy days in Florida. There are so many things and activities to have a fun-filled day in the gloomy Florida skies. Explore the links in this section to find more fun to fill your bucket list even if it’s raining non-stop while in the “Sunshine State.”