Cannabis legalization is quickly progressing in the US. The cities that allow marijuana recreation have even created a niche in the tourism industry. Cannabis tourism is a rapidly growing sector with more than a $17 billion market size. 

Today, many weed enthusiasts want to travel alone or with companions and explore new destinations that support their lifestyle comfortably, places where cannabis culture is vibrant and entertaining. If you want to get stoned in Portland or smoke a vape while touring San Fransisco, you can do it freely while enjoying your trip. 

We have compiled a list of unique travel destinations in the USA for unforgettable cannabis experiences. 

Colorado – Puff, Pass, and Paint

Puff, Pass, and Paint was founded by a painter named Heidi Keyes. The company offers weed lovers an opportunity to nurture their artistic side. It is an art-themed class inspired by cannabis. Students who join the classes can smoke weed while painting to unleash their inner creativity. Apart from painting classes, you can enjoy tours and different art lessons, including baking canna-infused products. Besides Colorado, you can attend classes in Boston, Washington, DC, and 10+ other cities. 

Oregon – Multnomah Falls 

If you want a great site-seeing experience with your friends, Multnomah Falls in Portland, Oregon, is the ultimate stoner tourist destination. You can enjoy a few blunts on a private party tour bus or make new friends while having fun. The breathtaking Portland waterfall offers a unique experience to weed lovers on the go. Nothing is more satisfying than the combination of nature and a relaxed feeling from cannabis. 

Los Angeles – Cannabis Supper Club 

If you are looking for an exceptional fine-dining experience with a touch of marijuana magic, Cannabis Super Club is the place to be. Based in Los Angeles, the club offers a higher culinary experience. Each course is infused with fine cannabis strains fresh from the farm to the table to ensure your meal is unforgettable. 

Cannabis Supper Club’s talented weed chefs, cultivators, and mixologists offer tourists an exquisite service package. If you are a foodie and weed enthusiast, Los Angeles should be at the top of your bucket list.  

Nebraska – Glowing Goddess Getaways

Women are not left behind in recreational cannabis. Glowing Goddess Getaways is a women-only club that plans weed retreats in different locations in the US. It is a private, members-only club that promotes cannabis use as a spiritual tool for empowering women and promoting sisterhood. The planned getaways happen in states that have legalized recreational marijuana. Apart from smoking weed, there are exciting activities like yoga, dancing, meditation, and other uplifting sessions. You can join the movement and release the goddess within you with your female friends.

California – Emerald Triangle

California is a budding travel destination for weed enthusiasts, and Emerald Triangle is among the largest regions producing cannabis. You can learn everything about cannabis in California – from cultivation to the final product. The hidden gem offers tourists a scenic overview of large cannabis farms complemented by the rural aura and beauty of the forests. 

Since weed is legal to use, you can visit the best dispensary in California to get more insights about the available cannabis products. 

Las Vegas – Cannabition Cannabis Museum

Another unique tour destination for cannabis enthusiasts is Las Vegas. The Cannabition Cannabis Museum is a great place to visit. It is an exclusive museum that showcases only weed-related artworks. 

Visitors are not allowed to smoke inside the museum. But you can smoke a blunt or eat an edible an hour before your tour in the immersive museum. You will enjoy the tour more while taking exciting photos. 

Apart from offering a great platform for Instagram-friendly pictures, the museum is an information hub for the rich cannabis history and culture. 

Watch this to get a glimpse into the Museum:


San Fransisco – City Cruise Tours

San Fransisco has a lot in store if you are searching for a thrilling cannabis travel experience. The Cannabis-Infused City tour offers a VIP experience while you take a trip around the magnificent tourist sites inspired by cannabis. 

The tour will also allow you to interact with local weed lovers. You can smoke weed while touring to give you a great cannabis experience. Apart from VIP treatment, you will enjoy attractive discounts in local dispensaries and marijuana lounges. 

Los Angeles– Bud and Breakfast

Bud and Breakfast is a brand in Los Angeles, massively expanding to multiple locations across the USA. It is a company offering weed-friendly properties. You can vape or smoke in some rooms freely with your friends. 


Cannabis tourism is slowly taking shape in many states, so weed lovers are covered when it comes to traveling in cannabis-friendly states in the US. Its lucrative nature and popular demand have seen a rise in many cities, helping many forward-looking startups create and fill a separate tourism niche. 

You can visit many other enthralling tour destinations and enjoy your joint in peace. So, if you are planning a cannabis vacation with your friends, the place discussed above will make your trip exciting and unforgettable.

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