Dogs are exceptional companions for people regardless of whether or not the people in question have needs that require a service animal. The universal utility and love dogs offer their human friends, owners, and family members play a significant role in their popularity as pets. Still, service dogs play a critical role in the lives of many people with disabilities. Sometimes, it’s natural that their human companions would want to give back.

Today, we’ll share a few creative activities you can try with your service dog to cement the bonds between humans and canines. These activities are fun for the animals and, hopefully, equally fun for the people involved.

Activity #1: Swimming

When a service canine undergoes ADA service dog registration, a family trusts the animal to perform valuable duties. One way to help families celebrate registration is for the family to go swimming. 

Swimming is fun for the whole family. It’s highly beneficial to many people, including people with physical disabilities, while also being a vigorous, fun exercise for the dog. 

This enjoyable, relaxing activity is a unique way for humans and their furry friends to bond. When performed under supervision, it is an exciting activity for dogs and humans that’s also good for everyone’s health! 

Activities #2: Grooming

During the first few days after a dog and its handler are first partnered, it can be difficult for a new owner to adjust to their companion. The same can be true for one’s dog. Dogs are complex animals with feelings and insights, and the human-canine bond has various benefits. One way to honor that special relationship is through cleaning and grooming.

Grooming is an excellent bonding opportunity. It feels soothing for the canine and helps them to feel clean and relaxed, and it’s an excellent way for humans to understand how to handle canines better. As you groom the dog, it will learn to trust you to touch its feet and other areas. 

Activity #3: Toy Time

Toys are fun for anyone, but especially canines. Taking time to have fun with your dog can be emotionally rewarding and is a clever way to reward a service animal for its work. 

Toys can range from squeaky sports balls to inflatable, squishy animals and can serve various purposes. Some service animal owners use toys to help their canine companions relax during stressful activities, such as prolonged travel or visits to the vet. Others use toys to stimulate their pet’s senses. 

Using toys with your companions is a way to get closer to them and show them that while you depend on them for necessary help in daily life, they are also friends and partners. 


There is a range of activities you can perform with any newfound furry friend. These activities are vital for service dogs and can help new owners bond quickly with them. We hope this list provides you with new ideas for how to get close to your newest family member. 

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