Traveling by train is an ideal way to get about your daily business. The train stations are connected to other terminals and airports, allowing easy movement from one point to the other. Sometimes, train rides may seem uninteresting, either over long or short distances. It may be because trains are a little slow and take longer, unlike other modes.

The benefits you’ll draw from these memorable experiences will be worthwhile—from meeting new people, comfort and sightseeing, and others. However, you may not know how to make this a breathtaking experience. Well, worry not! Here are seven tips on how to transform your train ride into a memorable travel experience:

1. Plan The Trip Ahead Of Time

If you want your trip to be eventful, prepare for it a few days before the traveling day. Trains can take up to a day or more, depending on your destination. Buy the things you’ll need to make your trip more memorable. Also, go through the trouble of making a list of sites and cities you may want to see along the way. 

Research on train schedules, fares, and tickets, or even better, get one a day before to avoid delays. For instance, if you intend to travel across Australia, you may want to look into The Ghan Train in Australia or any other to know how it operates and its policies. 

2. Entertain Yourself

Most trains have entertainment and relaxation sections to ensure their passengers are well entertained and rested. You may want to take advantage of these services to entertain yourself: 

  • There may be decks for sightseeing
  • Cafeteria with meals and drinks
  • Common areas with board games and other systems for entertainment

You can also bring along movies and series to keep you engaged during the ride, play games on your phone or laptop, and also listen to music or exciting conversations over the radio. Another way you can entertain yourself is by reading novels or taking a nap from time to time.

Transform A Train Ride Into A Memorable Travel Experience
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3. Get Comfortable

Whether or not you’re comfortable will affect how your ride will turn out. A great way of doing this is wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. Wear loose clothing like sweat pants that you’ll be comfortable in throughout the ride. You can also slip into comfortable shoes, probably something you can slip on and off easily like slippers.

If traveling overnight, remember to bring a change of clothes and a hoodie in case it’s cold. Also, if you’re not in a position to book a sleeper car, bring a blanket and a pillow. The blanket will keep you warm. The neck pillow will allow you to rest your head comfortably.

4. Interact With New People

Talking with fellow passengers is a good way of enjoying your train ride. The train accommodates many people from different walks of life. You can take advantage of this and create a new network of friends by socializing during the trip. 

It’ll be easy to make new friends as you already have one common interest with most of the other travelers riding the train. Strike a conversation with your neighbor and other people in the cafeteria or common areas. Maybe you’ll hear of exciting weekend getaways you could be part of and start preparing for your next trip. 

5. Pack Light

Nothing is as uncomfortable as having too much baggage on a trip. Pack essentials that you can keep with you all the time. You can even get a bag with wheels to reduce the hassle of carrying heavy luggage.

Most trains provide checked bags for their passengers. You could use these to help reduce the amount of luggage to keep an eye on. However, you should probably check the rules of the train on the bags to know how many you can have.

6. Bring Your Charger

You may find the train ride a little exhausting if you don’t have enough charge on your phone or laptop. Remember, you’ll need to keep yourself entertained to enjoy the trip, so it’ll be best to have your charger with you.

Trains have outlets in the lounge, dining car, and common area. Make a point of buying a ticket for a seat near one of these outlets to ensure you’re always on. However, you may not get a chance to use these outlets. Therefore, if you own a power bank, bring it along to keep your smartphone charged.

7. Bring Snacks With You

To avoid extra expenses, bring your food and drinks. You can buy a dining ticket for the food on the train, but it may not be as fulfilling and satisfying as having your own. 

If you’re on a tight budget, it’ll save you a lot of money you could have spent buying snacks from carts and cafes on the train as it may be a bit pricey. Therefore, pack some healthy snacks and drinks that keep you full throughout the ride. 


Train rides can be more exciting and enjoyable through a bit of creativity. All you need to do is keep yourself entertained throughout the trip, interact with people, and be comfortable throughout the ride. Remember, trains are a bit slow and may take a day or more to reach your destination, so ensure you follow the above tips to make it a memorable travel experience.