When talking about potential vacation ideas, it can be quite easy for a place like Israel to be overlooked. Located close to the more popular holiday destination of Egypt, Israel is actually one of the best places in the world to visit, especially if you’re looking for a bit of variety. For example, hiking in Israel is considered among the most challenging and interesting (due to the Biblical history everywhere!).

The city of Tel Aviv stands majestically next to the gorgeous, natural beaches of the Mediterranean. There are tourist attractions, luxurious restaurants, ancient buildings and sites, and biblical temples. It is a marvel of humanity and a memory-making vacation just waiting to happen. 

Talking about making memories, is another upside. While we all go on life-changing vacations, we are not always provided genuinely good souvenir options to keep the memories alive. That is not the case with Israel. 

If you make the decision to go to this country, then there are plenty of amazing, meaningful trinkets to pick up and take home with you. Here are just a few to keep an eye out for:


Of course, Israel is a predominantly Jewish country, so naturally, you will find a lot of hamsas designs nearly everywhere you go. This is a hand-shaped amulet that is used for protection by both the Jewish and the Muslim people. It comes in many forms, such as paintings, bracelets and keyrings. 

For Jewish people, especially, there are many religious objects like hamsas that can be found in the markets, including candelabras, mezuzah cases, and holiday sets. While it can be a great idea to take some back with you from Israel, most of these objects might be hard to take back in one piece.

That doesn’t stop you from purchasing them online, however, and if you do you will be sure to find something that will reignite the memories of your visit and keep a part of the country with you.

Watch this clip to understand what makes the Hamsa so unique:


The wine industry in Israel has certainly boomed in recent years, and your visit to Israel will certainly lead you to a few delicious red and white wines of a summer’s evening. You can even visit local vineyards and try out some glasses on the rooftop bars. If you do this, then make sure to take some wines back with you. The whites are especially good, and they will help you relive the relaxed, comforting vibes of Israel whenever you choose to pop the cork back at home. 


This might sound like a strange one, but soap is actually a perfect souvenir to take back from Israel. Many of the soaps there are created by local women, using ingredients ranging from mountain-sourced herbs to salt from the dead sea to form a wonderful smelling soap bar. The best about this souvenir is that you can try it before you buy it, seeing as you will know exactly what soap you like based on the smell alone.

Try to choose something that you know will bring you back to Israel. There are so many scents and aromas that linger on the breeze of this country, and every time you use the soap, you will want those smells to come right back to you, placing you upon the beautiful plains of Israel once again.