Prague can be termed a magical city filled with glamor, splendid fairy tales, dazzling atmosphere, beautiful roads, and so on. The list of magnificent places Prague offers to its tourists is endless. The place has fantastic photo options around every nook and corner. Considering you have already visited the main sites of the city and wish to travel to some unknown beauties of Prague, you should read this article to learn about some of its hidden gems. 

Visitors moving to Prague have always cited the discovery of magnificent places inattentively. It is one of the most visited places in Europe and there are some strong reasons behind this popularity. The gorgeous city leaves an awe spell on almost every visitors’ mind.

So here are a few of our tips for the “hidden” gems of Prague… 

The Old Town Hall

This Prismatic Tower, approximately 70 meters high, is one of the dominant buildings of the city’s Old Town. Prague Orloj or the Prague Astronomical Clock is a medieval clock attached to the town hall. This clock is a special attraction for tourists due to its antique appearance. This was first established in 1410 and is the third-oldest astronomical clock worldwide. This is the oldest clock still operating. The viewing gallery offers pleasant views of the place. 

Hidden Gems in Prague
Old Town Square in Prague. Photo by Son Tung Tran on

Vojan Garden

This is one of the oldest conserved gardens in Prague. Vojanovy Sady in Czech or Vojan Garden is a gorgeous park located in the middle of the busiest routes of the city. Although the garden is centrally located, it is not as popular as the other gardens. Hence, this is one of the hidden gems of Prague. The spring season welcomes magnolias to bloom giving the park a fairytale vibe. 

Colloredo- Mansfeld Palace

This palace in Czech is a four-winged mansion with Rococo and Baroque architecture. It is located in front of the not-so-famous Charles Bridge. This place is not as popular as the other tourist places in Prague. The most preserved and the most beautiful room in the entire palace is the serene dance hall. The ceiling frescoes are extremely gorgeous. The third floor displays transient exhibitions of any contemporary art. 

Check out this video to get a glimpse:

Thunovska street

This street is one of the most beautiful streets in the city of Prague considering the preservation of its medieval aspect. Three arches are located in three different places and are decorated very well. One fun fact about the street is the name Thunovska is derived from a palace named Thunovska, currently being utilized by the British Embassy. 

Wallenstein Garden

You are now acquainted with Vojan Garden, the next-door neighbor of this garden is the Wallenstein Garden. It is another beautiful hidden park situated in Prague which has a really pretty Baroque building. The park is home to various peacocks, including albino as well. The park also has an artificial cave with stalactites. 


Prague city wasn’t obliterated during World War II, it still withstands various monuments from the historical period. But there is much more than the historical monuments to this city that lets you discover the hidden unique gems. The more you explore the beauty of the city, the more you fall in love with it. 

By the way, Prague is also on our list of one of the of most LGBT-friendly cities in Europe.